LAUC-SC Executive Board Minutes 2-3-00

LAUC/SC Executive Board Meeting
February 3, 2000
325 McHenry Library.

Present: Lee Jaffe, Ann Hubble, Fred Yuengling, Sue Chesley, and Kathy
Blackmer Reyes

Upcoming dates: March 3rd, Ex. Board meeting at UCOP
May 31-June 1 LAUC Spring Meeting

LAUC Chair: Projects for the second half of the year:
- Membership meeting before June 30th.  Members of the executive board
should bring ideas or themes for discussion to the next meeting.
Possible ideas: LAUC President Patsy Inouye could visit and speak to the
membership, or a discussion of electronic communication and its implications.
- Chair and Secretary will rewrite secretary's duties in bylaws to include
webpage responsibilities.
- Annual pole for committee membership and nominations is also coming up.

CAPA: received and responded to request to provide names for ad hoc
selection committees for Social Sciences Bibliographer and Serials
Cataloger.  At the same time, CAPA indicated they would like to see text
added to job postings indicating membership and participation in LAUC and
expectations for outside activity.  Plan to address further when chair
meets with ad hocs.

General Committee: Bring dean of Arts or Social Science for an event or
membership mtg.   Additional proposals for new programs are being sought.

R&PD: Not many requests received so far.  Fall was quiet.  ALA Conference
2000 travel requests will be submitted to next fiscal year's budget because the conference fall in July.