LAUC-SC Executive Board Minutes 2-2-06

LAUC-SCX Meeting Minutes 2/2/06

Present: Orlando (Chair), Caldwell (Vice Chair), Kane (Secretary), LAUC members: Hightower, Lyons, Steel


  • Bibliographic Services Task Force report One copy bound and placed at the back of the McHenry Reference Desk.  One copy at Science placed on the tea table back in the reference offices.



  • Discussion: possible purchase of laptops for LAUC 2 PC's or 1 PC and 1 MAC: might include backpack style carrying case, webcam, warranty, software, and be as small/light as possible. 

Action Item :  Membership poll on laptop purchase


  • R&PD's are coming in



  • None



  • None



  • Action Item:   Will update LAUC web site and create guidelines to be used in the future for updating the site

7.      MEMBER ITEM e-mail sent out by Lyons on 1/31/06, Subject: [LAUCSC] greater Academic Senate involvement for librarians...

Four scenarios were presented:

Academic Federation - All non-senate academics
Positive: pressure not on any one group
Negative: A lot of work to create and maintain

LAUC / Lectures COC (Committee on Committee's)
LAUC 2 seats / Lectures 6 seats
LAUC would pursue persistent seats on senate committees
Positive: Ongoing representation of librarians on some senate committees
Negative:  Possibility of difficulty filling seats on an ongoing basis

Ad Hoc
LAUC not persistent seats (pursue as we see fit)
Positive: Would not need to fill persistent seats on an ongoing basis, Librarians could join committees when interested in agenda
Negative: Knowing what the committee would be working on before asking for a seat

Status Quo
Positive or negative : Nothing would change

Questions / comments brought up during discussion

  • Is Senate willing to amend or change bylaws to allow librarian involvement in certain committees?
  • We should increase librarian involvement in other campus committees.
  • We should start small and build up.
  • What would the expectations be of librarians on these committees?
  • Creation of a LAUC subcommittee on relations or committee on committees.
  • What would the reporting and communication look like?
  • Which committees would librarians want seats on, how many librarians would we need to fill these seats.
  • How do we / do we recognize the librarians who do serve on senate committees?
  • What other barriers do we have in pursuing seats on academic senate committees?
  • We should back up and think about the management perspective, how would librarians fit senate committees into an already busy work schedule?
  • Librarians serving on senate committees would increase our visibility and contact with the campus and faculty.

Action Items:

  • Lyons & Caldwell will talk to LMG
  • Lyons will talk to Carol Freeman & Faye Crosby about the possibility and timing of changing Academic Senate bylaws or making exceptions