LAUC SC Executive Board Minutes 2-10-12


LAUC Executive Council Meeting
Friday, Feb 10, 11 a.m.-12 p.m.
4221 McHenry
Present: Annette Marines, Lucia Orlando, Sue Perry, Sarah Troy, Ken Lyons, Katie Fortney.
1. Call to order
2. Minutes approval:
a. General Membership meeting minutes, Dec. 8
b. Approval of LAUC Annual Report for 2010-11
3. Reports:
a. COLASC meeting highlights
COLASC is still working on their faculty/grad survey.
COLASC is in the process of writing a letter regarding the Research Works Act.
VS discussed consistency in applying library policies, such as fines for media.
There are ongoing open access policy talks in UCOLASC. 
SP mentions EDTs - would COLASC be a good venue to inform/discuss? SP referred back to Ginny and possibly grad council 
Faculty member issued a complaint to COLASC about late reserve fines. COLASC researched and wrote letter in support of library’s policies and practices.
Math department came to talk about access to their department. VS agreed to meet with representative from department to discuss issues like wayfinding.
b. Meeting with UL, (no meetings)
c. LMG highlights
See your LMG updates.
d. Statewide LAUC Exec highlights
Mitchell Brown, LAUC Statewide President, is interested in online education project. LAUC-LA wanted to request an online instruction appointee. Due to lack of official LAUC representative role, Brown will be conduit of info for online education.
Statewide is talking about a LAUC award to a librarian for their LAUC activity.
Statewide was talking about a LAUC memorial page to recognize librarians who have passed away. Ideas were discussed.
Nominations are still needed for Vice Chair.
Electronic balloting is being investigated.
4. Updates:
a. LAUC Budget
The same. No changes.
b. LAUC R&PD (LO)  
LO has been getting requests for R&PD support.
UCSC submitted 3 presentation grants, the most of any campus. There will likely be a second call.
AM says we may have a graphic forthcoming that better illustrates the R&PD award timeline.
c. CAPA (KL)
No packets yet.
Search committee for Technical Services department head is meeting next Tuesday with AULs and KL. The job listing is not out yet. Ready to go, and will probably be posted sometime after Tuesday’s meeting.
AUL job will have to go down to staff HR for classification.
d. Assembly
LAUC Assembly will be at UC Extension in Santa Clara on May 10, Executive on May 11.
Statewide is interested in trying to find a way to accommodate virtual assembly attendees. Brown is investigating.
We may want to offer tours of new McHenry, depending on interest.
AM is taking care of hotel logistics. AM will look into what costs are covered by whom as far as meals, etc.
Statewide is handling most things (speaker, program, etc.), but AM will put out calls for volunteers to help with some things, like catering and on-site registration/sign-in.
AM will have UL Steel booked for coming to give a welcome in the morning.
SP will work on Assembly website, likely with DM.
5. New Business
a. Bylaws (AM)
Local bylaws are supposed to be approved by statewide. We haven’t been practicing that with our most recent changes.
Some campuses are having theirs reviewed by Committee on Professional Governance this year for consistency. AM would like to see our bylaws updated to remove outdated things, reflect actual practice, etc. AM will put out a call for volunteers.
b. Other (open discussion on new ideas for LAUC SC)
SP: Discuss ideas for programming. Maybe project management, for both staff and librarians. AM: speaker on visioning and the future/transitioning of libraries?
Budget very limited. Would have to be someone close and/or UC.
Action item all - think about suggestions for speakers, send to SP or discuss at next Executive Board meeting.
6. Old business:
a. Pending: LAUC iPad
iPad, when not checked out, is held at McHenry Library.
Loan period is patron record expiration date
Please note, the iPad is available on a first come, first served basis. If you wish to secure a “hold” for a specific event, and the iPad is checked out, contact librarian who has it on loan to find out if they can return it to you for your event. Information about who has it checked out can be obtained at the circulation desk. If the iPad is not checked out, it can be booked or you can check it out until your event.
8. Announcements
9. Adjournment
Tabled: LAUC Buddy Program review