LAUC-SC Executive Board Minutes 12-7-04

LAUC-SC Executive Council Minutes December 7, 8:45 am McHenry room 325 1. Announcements 2. Chair's Report - Opinion pieces for the statewide LAUC web site are now being solicited. - Following the Academic Senate's solicitation of non-Senate faculty for specified Senate committees (, a UCSC librarian volunteered for the Committee on Education Abroad. It was then pointed out in the Academic Senate that their bylaws indicate NSF taking up such committee positions must be 'non-senate teaching faculty' ( -- see section 13.4.1) and that APM section 110-4(14) ( defines faculty as those 'who [have] independent responsibility for conducting approved regular University courses for campus credit', going on to enumerate such positions...and librarians are not included in the list. The librarian-volunteer for the Committee on Education Abroad was therefore denied a seat on the committee. LAUC-SC will be contacting the Academic Senate to discuss alternatives to this status quo. 3. Vice Chair's Report Statewide LAUC R&PD Grant applications are due January 30. 4. CAPA Chair's Report The annual CAPA workshop followed the executive board meeting. 5. General Committee Report LAUC-SC and the Library Cultural Diversity Committee are working on presentation from Judy Kaufman, AUL-HR at UCI. The date is will be set for some time in February. 6. Secretary's Report None -- Sue Perry LAUC-SC Secretary -------------- next part -------------- An HTML attachment was scrubbed... URL: