LAUC-SC Executive Board Minutes 12-6-01

LAUC / SCX Meeting Minutes (approved January 3rd)

McHenry Library, December 6, 2001

Present: Christy Caldwell (Secretary), Sue Chesley (CAPA Chair), Larry Millsap (Chair), Kerry Scott (General Committee Chair). Guests: Annette Marines and Debbie Murphy


Draft November 1st minutes approved.


We have agreed to contribute $450.00 carried over from last fiscal year towards support for guest speaker Sandra Rios Balderrama, who has to fly from Chicago.

Assembly report:

I had the pleasure of attending an Assembly chaired by our own Debbie Murphy. It was devoted to committee reports and discussions. Many issues are under discussion, but none were ready for Assembly votes yet. As is often the case, compensation was one issue. In the new salary scale, there is no specified period of service between the top steps. Is three years the expected minimum? What level of performance is expected? Information literacy is another developing issue. A high-level task force including the current, past and next LAUC Presidents will be working on a position statement.

Myron Okada's talk is always a source of interesting news. He presented some possibilities for coping with a 15% cut in state funding for UC. It would represent a cut of $450,000,000. Coping methods being considered include: Raising student fees, 2. No new funding for summer school at additional campuses, 3. Cutting funding for four research centers ($100 million), 4. Not increasing the number of students accepted, and 5. Salary cuts. Myron has heard nothing about a new VERIP. Merced and the capital building plan are on schedule.

Beverly French gave a presentation on CDL and the meeting ended with a round robin of campus news. Santa Barbara and Davis are implementing Aleph and many librarians and AULs are being recruited on the other campuses-8 at Davis, a dozen at Berkeley. Riverside announced that Venita Jorgensen is retiring, but that is apparently superceded by the news that she will become their interim University Librarian.


Suggested edits will be made to draft Nov. 1st minutes and posted to web site.


CAPA workshop took place Nov. 1st at 9am. Minutes of meeting will follow shortly.


Beginning search for speaker. Investigating what budget is available. Any suggestions for speakers is welcomed.


Members, get your request for support forms turned in for ALA midwinter conference.



-minutes by Caldwell