LAUC-SC Executive Board Minutes 11-6-03

SCLAUC SC Meeting Minutes, November 6, 2003

Present: Greg Careaga (Chair), Ken Lyons (Vice Chair), Annette Marines (General Committee Chair), Sheila O'Hare (Secretary)

1. Announcements. The Statewide LAUC meeting will take place on Friday, December 5, 2003. Careaga will attend. UCSC will send one additional delegate (undetermined at this time).

2. Chair's Report (Careaga).
(a) Systemwide LAUC: Careaga distributed a document summarizing Linda Kennedy and Terry Huwe's meeting with the University Librarians on October 8, 2003. The majority of the discussion related to improving communication between LAUC, the ULs, and other UC bodies. Topics discussed included: the need for direct communication between LAUC divisional chairs and the ULs, and LAUC-UL partnering to address more academic and professional issues, rather than personnel matters. LAUC was asked to look at the following areas:
(i) the development of a statewide list of UC librarians on the web, as a way of indicating subject expertise and substantive academic work.
(ii) the possibility of associate membership in LAUC on a voluntary basis for persons who work in relevant areas but are in non-librarian payroll series (e.g., CDL personnel). Some ULs favored this option as a way to strengthen LAUC's impact; Kennedy noted that defining potential participants by series would be quite difficult, and informal participation by non-librarians might be a more feasible solution.
(iii) partnering for substantive issues of strategic importance, especially those requiring a fast response.
(iv) the use and revision of LAUC statewide position papers.

(b) Careaga reported that the letter to UC faculty regarding journal subscriptions was mailed after its approval by the Assembly of the Academic Senate. Response has been mixed based on discipline.

(c) Digital Visual Resources Task Force Report: SOPAG seeks comment on this document, which is posted at LAUC divisions may address: the need for any additional investigation; the report's recommendations and any additional suggestions; the benefits and drawbacks of UC-wide action on digital visual resources; participation by LAUC if the recommendations are pursued. Comments from the LAUC divisions are due by December 5.

(d) Planning for the next General Membership meeting: The meeting has not yet been scheduled. Potential agenda items are: CAPA report report; report from the University Librarian Search Committee; participation in the Digital Visual resources Task Force (see item (c), above); consistent application of the review process and current budget conditions.

(e) The CAPA documentation workshop will be held on Thursday, December 4 from 9:00-10:30 (room 325).

3. Vice Chair/R& PD Chair's Report (Lyons). Six local R&PD requests have been approved. Lyons reiterated that the $900 cap on R&PD funds is firm, and there will be no unspent funds to reallocate at the end of the fiscal year.

4. Secretary's Report (O'Hare). The LAUC-SC website now includes the most recent CAPA report.

5. General Committee Chair's Report (Marines).

Minutes by Sheila O'Hare (Secretary).