LAUC-SC Executive Board Minutes 11-5-98

LAUC/SC Executive Council Meeting

November 5, 1998 9:00 - 10:00 am

Science Library Instruction Room


Present: Chesley, Jahns, Mokrzycki, Murphy, Ritch


1. Announcements




2. Report from Chair

a. SOPAG Report


Murphy distributed a handout and organization chart on

Systemwide Library Planning and the University Librarians

Advisory Structure 1998-2001 (distributed at the LAUC

Excecutive Board Meeting of 10/23/98) and asked Ritch

(UCSC rep on SOPAG) for clarification on relationships and

communication with LAUC. Ritch pointed out that CDC, HOTS,

HOPS and HOS will continue to meet (CFC was disbanded; other

are evolving); LAUC representatives are continuing for these

groups (and have been added for SOPAG). As LAUC/SC

Chair, Murphy is receiving and distributing SOPAG and other

agendas and minutes to the membership. Ritch indicated that

he also usually reports on SOPAG at the monthly EIRST meetings.


b. LAUC and LAUC/SC Websites

Murphy distributed a copy of the home page for the LAUC

webpage and the 1999 LAUC Election Calendar and highlighted

some of the links.


Work is continuing on the LAUC/SC website and is expected to

be completed shortly. Council noted that the requirements of

the LAUC/SC secretary position were being impacted as a result

of the need for maintaining LAUC/SC documents electronically.

Discussion and clarification of the process, and possible changes

in the duties of the LAUC/SC Secretary position will be discussed

at a future meeting.



3. CAPA Report (Jahns)


Jahns noted the upcoming CAPA workshop on December 3.

Topics and questions will be solicited in advance of the meeting

Issues noted for discussion include responsibilities of review

initiators and many topics around web-based activities:

how to evaluate and document web publishing and website

development; consistency of agreement of various parties in

the review process as to the weight or webbased activities, etc.


4. General Committee Report (Mokrzycki)


The two November programs (Database Advisor and KnowHow

Conference) were very successful. It is hoped that a more regular

informal forum for presenting the activities of LAUC/SC members

and library staff may be able to be developed. A brown bag

lunch will be scheduled for Friday November 20th to start off.

Murphy noted that Winter Quarter would be more feasible for

arranging some of the programs previously discussed such as the

new Executive Vice Chancellor, Associate Vice Chancellor for

Undergraduate Education) or new ones (the UCSC representative

new Executive Vice Chancellor, Associate Vice Chancellor for

Undergraduate Education) or new ones (the UCSC representative

on the Systemwide Library and Scholarly Info Advisory

Committee, John Lynch.)


5. Other Business


Murphy and Chesley are making arrangements for the LAUC/SC

laptop purchase.



Next Meeting: December 3, 1998

Minutes by Mokrzycki