LAUC-SC Executive Board Minutes 11-5-09

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LAUC-SC Executive Board Meeting

November 5, 2009
9-10:00 a.m.
Location: McHenry 0345

Present: N. Lawson, L. Jaffe, D. Murphy, B. Remak-Honef, S. Troy

Minutes: D. Murphy

1. Announcements


2. Action Item check in

  • Action: Sarah & Nicole will draft survey for LAUC membership on R&PD spending: Done.
  • Action: Debbie (& Ken?) will send list of software on LAUC Mac laptop to Sarah : Still working.
  • Action: Sarah will organize general membership meeting (to include CAPA report and perhaps PAPA LS revision discussion) for Nov/Dec: Done. Scheduled for 11/23/09
  • Action: Lee will organize CAPA workshop for Dec: Done. Scheduled for 12/13/09
  • Action: Lee (& Ken) will investigate authority for PAPA-LS: No further action. Waiting for responses.
  • Action: Beth will send wording for the "brown bag" invitations to the exec board: Done.

3. R&PD survey

NL has raw data and will format for distribution to membership prior tot he General Membership meeting. ST will supplement with additional previous data.

4. Committee on Libraries update

There have been 3 meetings so far:

1st meeting) NL was introduced to the members . Provided a budget update. Reviewed survey data but nothing has gone forward from these results to date

2nd meeting) Chair Elise Knittle reported on UCOLASC (a statewide committee on libraries). There was discussion of the Google settlement. Drafted a letter to Kliger regarding the value of libraries and will invite him to attend a future meetings. There was also discussion of a Library work group meeting. UL Steel gave a library update including usage statistics

3rd meeting) NL and UL Steel reported on potential occupation of last week and potential study in on 11/13/09 at the Science & Engineering Library. Were asked when list will be posted of serial cancellations - anticipate the week of 11/13/09. Continued discussion on working group questions. Revision will be forthcoming. Next meeting will be after Thanksgiving.

5. Review Ongoing Tasks chart


6. General membership meeting--tentative agenda

Several topics mentioned. LAUC Ex Bd members will provide coffee and baked goods.

7. Chair's Report (ST)

Reported on LAUC statewide conference call. Finalized plans for 12/3/09 Fall Assembly at UCB. Lucia Orlando will also be attending from UCSC.
ST and NL met with UL Steel to review PAPA/LS and other reports.

8. Vice Chair's Report (NL)

R&PD survey results are in as noted earlier in minutes.

R&PD workshop will be scheduled for sometime after 1/1/10.

NL will attend Fall Assembly at UCB

9. CAPA Chair's Report

DM (outgoing CAPA Chair) reported CAPA met with UL Steel for year end review of this years review files.

10. General Committee Chair's Report


11. Secretary's Report