LAUC SC Executive Board Minutes 11-4-10

LAUC Executive Board Meeting
4 Nov. 2010


Present: Greg Careaga, Nicole Lawson, Annette Marines, Kerry Scott.

Guest: Frank Gravier.

Minutes taken by Scott, Lawson, and Marines in Meriwether’s absence.

Announcements: none.

CWC Report  (Annette Marines)

  • The first meeting is scheduled for Nov. 9.


General Membership/CAPA Report (Greg Careaga)

R&PD Committee Report (Annette Marines)

  • Agreed to convene a local R&PD committee consistent with local bylaws, which states committee is chaired by the LAUC VC and includes the rep to statewide R&PD. Charge is in the bylaws.
  • Action Item: Annette will put a call out to volunteers

Parliamentary Changes (Nicole Lawson)

  • We agreed that Order of business (Chapter 14) and minutes (Chapter 23) of the meeting should be consistent with Sturgis
  • Also relevant is the Notice of meetings and proposals (Chapter 11).
  • Each meeting will begin with approval of minutes, though minutes will continue to be sent out in accordance with LAUC guidelines.
  • Action item: There was agreement that the outgoing chair should serve as past chair on the LAUC SC Executive Board.  This would be in line with LAUC statewide practice and other campus local LAUC Executive Board practice. Pros - continuity; cons - adds a third year to the chair’s term and recruiting for LAUC is difficult. Sarah is willing to do this this year. This would require a change to the bylaws.

LAUC Website Review/Remodel (Nicole Lawson)

  • Agreed that now that website has been moved over, that it could use some organization.
  • Action item: Nicole and Annette are interested and will establish a working group to reorganize the pages.

Distinguished Step Task Force (Nicole Lawson)

  • Nicole reported that Lee Jaffe and Christine Bunting had volunteered to be on the statewide committee;
  • Also reported that LAUC statewide wanted to ensure that UCLA and UCB reps were on this committee, but others agreed the smaller campuses should also be represented.

Chair’s Report (Nicole Lawson)

  • Nicole and Annette met with UL Ginny Steel on 11/3:
  • Informed her of the parliamentary changes discussed;
  • Asked about the possibility of local funding for a mini-grant/research proposals. Ginny is open to the idea, but needs a firm proposal and framework for such a program (and the amount of funds needed).  This is a project for the local R&PD committee as noted above.
  • Ginny noted that the Nex Gen Tech Services Phase 2 Reports have not been released because many recommendations were included.  The ULs will review the recommendations during their 11/30 conference call and decide on a smaller list of recommendations with which to proceed.  The ULs decisions and the reports will then be released.

Vice Chair’s Report (Annette Marines)

  • See discussions on R&PD, parliamentary changes, Website above.

CAPA Chair’s Report (Greg Careaga)

  • See discussion under General Membership

GCC’s Report (Kerry Scott)

  • Date for a LAUC social hourset for Dec. 3, location to be set

Secretary’s Report (Nicholas Meriwether) – none.