LAUC-SC Executive Board Minutes 11-2-00


McHenry Library

November 2, 2000

Present: Ann Hubble (Chair), Larry Millsap (Vice-chair), Cynthia Jahns (Secretary), Catherine Soehner (CAPA Chair), Christy Hightower (General Committee Chair), and Members: Kathy Blackmer Reyes, Christine Bunting, Greg Carreaga, Sue Chesley, Lan Dyson, Cheryl Gomez, Margaret Gordon, Frank Gravier, Lai-Ying Hsiung, Lee Jaffe, Paul Machlis, Jacquelyn Marie,Kate McGirr, Beth Remak-Honnef, Deborah Turner, Robert White.

Chair Ann Hubble called the meeting to order, a quorum being present.

1. Announcements

Kate McGirr gave an update on the current librarian recruitments:

  • Christine Caldwell has accepted the offer for the Science Librarian position, and will begin on December 5.
  • Sheila O'Hare has accepted an informal offer for the Social Sciences bibliographer position. No starting date is known at this time.
  • Interviews will begin next week for the Assistant Head of Access Services position. Everyone is encouraged to attend the presentations.

Lan Dyson commented on the dramatic increase in the number of new librarians we'll have on board , and said the potential for sharing the librarian workload among more people is very welcome.

Kate gave an update on librarian contract negotiations, saying that they've moved more rapidly since they've begun working with a mediator. They met on October 30th to negotiate, and there are still critically important articles left to resolve. The AFT has a new Executive Director, Rebecca Rhine. Once the new contract is finalized, there will be two review processes, one for union members, and one for non-union members. Kate urged represented librarians to contact the union with questions and comments.

Chair's Report

Ann announced that the Fall Assembly will be held at UC Berkeley on Friday, November 17th. She read the list of UCSC representatives to the LAUC statewide committees, which is on the web.

Vice-Chair's Report

Larry said that the LAUC laptop has been in constant use, and encouraged librarians who plan to use it to make reservations early.

Secretary's Report

Cynthia reported that she has been working on updating the LAUC-SC web pages, and encouraged librarians to make comments and suggestions.

General Committee Chair's Report

Christy reported that on January 26, 2001, at 1 p.m., Executive Vice Chancellor John Simpson will speak in the McHenry Library Staff Room. All staff will be invited.

CAPA Chair's Report

Catherine Soehner, 2000-2001 chair, said that CAPA is currently involved in the recruitment for the Assistant Head of Access Services position.

Lee Jaffe, 1999-2000 chair, presented the CAPA Report, which is available on the LAUC-SC web site, and was distributed to all members. He said that the year could generally be described as non-controversial. Lan commented that the packets this year had been good.

Lee said that CAPA had polled the membership about the electronic version of the LAUC manual, and that several members gave strong support and there were no objections to the manual no longer being maintained in paper. Christy pointed out that the electronic manual is much more current than the paper copies now are. Currently the Human Resources staff maintains the manual online at their web site, and Kate wondered if this were confusing. The LAUC-SC Executive Council will discuss this at their January meeting (Thursday, January 4th, 9 a.m.), and librarians would like to participate in this discussion are encouraged to attend.

Kate commented on Section D, "Comments from CAPA", regarding the need to speed up the recruitment process. She plans to discuss with the Ad Hoc committees on recent recruitments how the "open til filled" procedure is working. She will speak with the LAUC-SC Executive Council about ways to expedite the recruitment process, also. She must report back to campus Human Resources office, because the "open till filled" procedure was a pilot project.

In discussion related to the recruitment process, Greg Carreaga said that librarians are now eighth out of nine on the priority list for on-campus housing, and that he was told that they are no longer eligible for the faculty sales program. Cheryl Gomez said there are also home financing programs for which librarians are not eligible. Lan suggested that librarians discuss these recruitment issues with John Simpson when he speaks to us in January.

Ann thanked the committee for their work this year, and the report was filed.

The meeting was adjourned.

- Cynthia Jahns, Secretary