LAUC SC Executive Board Minutes 11-14-11

LAUC Executive Council Meeting

Monday, Nov 14, 12-1 p.m.
4221 McHenry

Present: Annette Marines, Lucia Orlando, Sue Perry, Katie Fortney, Sarah Troy, Ken Lyons. Guest: Frank Gravier.

1. Call to order (AM)
Procedure notes - reporting

2. Minutes approval: Oct. meeting (AM)
Minutes are posted.
AM raised issue of best way to track and draw attention to action items from meetings. Going forward, KF will pull them out and highlight; AM can copy and paste into agenda for next meeting when that goes out.
Minutes approved.

3. Reports:
a. COLASC meeting, Oct 12, 26, Nov 9 (AM)

i. October 12. Major points discussed included : ITS report, and COLASC letter insupport of more library support included in that report, sent October 20; development of COLASC’s survey;; consideration by academic senate of shortening class sessions to fit more class meetings in a day.
ii. October 26. COLASC reviewed the University of Florida survey being worked on by the library, and made suggestions, including getting support of Council of Provosts. Roberto Manduchi, UCSC representative to UC-wide UCOLASC reported that UC will be involved in defending the Authors’ Guild lawsuit against HathiTrust, despite the expense of such an undertaking, becuase of the importance of the case. Stacy Kamehiro raised concerns about the library’s new copy card system and how it affects faculty. UL Ginny Steel will discuss with campus copy services. UL Steel reported on smell problem in the library; problem has been fixed.
iii. November 9. Michael Tassio, Committee Advisor, reported back that Council of Provostst will be supporting the Libraries’ survey, including allowing use of their e-mail lists. Committee worked on questions for COLASC’s survey; there will be 10 questions but they are not yet finalized. UL Steel reported on the October accounting report from the Global Village Cafe. The cafe is doing well, and the funds the library gets as a portion of their intake will be held for more furniture and future appliance needs. UL Steel explained the SWETS pilot, one thing the library is exploring as an option to provide faculty access to journals the library does not subscribe to..
b. Meeting with UL Steel, Nov 2 (AM)
VS had no new campus news or budget news. VS and AM worked on questions for COLASC survey. AM reported on LAUC-B conference. Keynote speaker and panel was on online learning.
VS is on UC online learning committee as part of her role as chair of COUL. UC online learning classes are being worked on by the first wave of accepted instructor applicants; a 2nd wave of applications is underway.
c. LMG, Sept 15, Oct 20, Nov 3 (AM)
Highlights: Formation and meeting of some teams is underway. Eric Mitchell submitted mission and service statement for his department. LMG attendees requested more detail. AUL McGirr has been meeting with building principals on a weekly basis on security, and related issues.
More Broadside announcements are heartily welcomed. The description for the upcoming Collections librarian posting was reviewed, and is in process. The SWETS pilot is moving along. Shelf ready is going well.
d. Statewide LAUC Executive call, Nov 3 (AM)
R&PD committee call has gone out. Most campuses have sent announcement to their local librarians. 1st deadline is January.
Statewide LAUC candidates are needed for next year’s executive board. Contact Danielle Kane at UCI if interested.
LAUC-B was held October 21, with a good turnout and interesting content. Keynote speaker was Dean of Berkeley’s law school and chair of the UC-wide online instruction project.
Michael Yonezawa, LAUC Past-President, had sent letter about including LAUC in the planning of the online instruction, which the speaker said he would look for.
The upcoming LAUC assembly will be in Santa Cruz at the Seymour Center or at the Extension Campus in Santa Clara. Transportation cost issues are still being evaluated. Potential programming includes UL Steel or the chair of UCOLASC.
Round robin reporting revealed lots of hiring around the campuses, including 5 AULs at  UCSB.
e. Faculty Senate, Nov 9 (LO)
Meeting began with announcements from Chair Susan Gillman. Her letter will be on senate website, talking about restructuring of campus. Efforts to improve retention of students are working, the “Mapping the Majors” project continues, the Senate is reviewing proposed changes to campus time slots.
There were a lot of salary and pension questions/discussions.
Chancellor Blumenthal stated that the midyear cut will be triggered in December, but there is no plan to cut or raise tuition. Office of the President will cover the cut this year.
Rebenching was discussed.
Health care plans were discussed. Palo Alto Medical Foundation is still not in Blue & Gold. Senate wants to know why, what was PAMF willing to negotiate with HealthNet. Chancellor Blumenthal didn’t know precise details, but said that one good thing is that agreements with insurance providers, including HealthNet, are up for negotiation soon.
The California DREAM Act AB 130 (allowing undocumented students in-state tuition) has no ETA on funding. Fundraising has started.

4. Updates:
a. LAUC Divisional Meeting schedule

Future meetings will be Fridays at 11.
b. LAUC Budget
d. CAPA (KL)

KL is working with Greg Careaga. A request for comments on last year’s CAPA was sent out last Thursday (11/10), and comments are due two weeks from today (11/28).
e. Assembly See report on Statewide Exec call above

5. New Business
a. Creative Commons Discussion (Katie)

We have approval from administration and UC counsel to make the text content of the library web pages Creative Commons licensed. We see only positives to proceeding, but are wondering about which license to use (e.g. whether to limit to noncommercial uses) and would like all staff to be aware of the change and able to comment before the change is made.
Action item: KF will develop a survey, accompanying e-mail, and (with SP) a mock up of what our local Creative Commons info page will look like. Survey and email will be sent to LIBSTAFF.
b. Ideas for next LAUC-SC memberships Discussion: LAUC grants informational meeting; annual meeting
Group is interested in programming to increase interest, direct people to the right forms, discuss process, explain timeline, give advice, warn of pitfalls, etc.
Action item: SP will coordinate by end of calendar year.

Meeting Adjourned
Meetings are regularly ending before all of the agenda is covered. Ways to cut time were discussed, including ways to condense or refer out to reports from other meetings.

Not reached before adjournment:
6. Old business:
a. CPG Report Discussion: Report pending; Next steps?
b. Pending: LAUC iPad; LAUC Annual Report
7. Announcements

Tabled: LAUC Buddy Program review