LAUC-SC Executive Board Minutes 10-8-09

LAUC-Santa Cruz Executive Council Meeting Minutes

August 8, 2009

Present: Frank Gravier (Chair), Sarah Troy (Vice Chair), Ken Lyons (General Committee Chair), Deborah Murphy (CAPA Chair), Nicole Lawson (Secretary) and members: Kate McGirr and Cynthia Jahns.

1. Announcements: Vice Chair Troy will be attending the statewide LAUC transition meeting on August 17th at UCB.  AUL McGirr confirmed that the R&PD allocation for next year will be $1200.  In addition, those who attend the 3 ALAs that fall within this fiscal year will receive an an extra $600.  McGirr noted that librarians should not expect a redistribution of FY 09/10 R&PD funds.  CAPA Chair Murphy asked that LAUC survey the membership as to how the current budget constraints are affecting their attendance at regular conferences.

2. Report from the LAUC CWC Rep : No report, member Remak was absent.

3. Counter-Offer Task Force Report : General Committee Chair Lyons has compiled a draft report.  He will make several revisions based on his discussion with AUL McGirr.  Lyons will then send it to the Executive Council for review who will then forward it CAPA with comments.  CAPA will forward the report to the general membership before sending it to Admin.  The membership will need to decide if, with internal peer review, the counter-offer process can bypass the process of gathering outside letters, etc. When this decision is made and the revisions are complete, changes will be made to PAPA-LS.

4. No Action Review Task Force : Lyons has 1 confirmed member of the task force and 3 tentative members.  After further discussion, the Executive Council decided that there is not enough time to form this task force given several ongoing urgent projects, including the serials review and cancellation.  AUL McGirr suggested that LAUC wait until Admin makes the formal proposal to revise PAPA-LS in early September. The Council agreed and determined that responsibility for examining no action reviews should be spread across several groups rather than charging a single task force.

5. LAUC Laptop Management ounter-Offer Task Force: With the addition of the 3 new laptops, the Council needs to determine how the machines will circulate and what accessories will be purchased.  Member Jahns also asked whether or not those who have received LAUC grants will be given priority to use the laptops.  The council decided on the following:


  • Once Troy has the laptops in hand she will create items records for them. 2 will be kept at the circulation desk at McHenry, 1 at S&E.
  • Members may book any of laptops in advance using the booking option in Millennium, but all members will have equal priority when comes to reserving machines.
  • Troy will also write up and send out the process for booking and borrowing to the membership, she will request feedback on the length of borrowing times.
  • McGirr requested that LAUC investigate insurance options with AUL Dale, who is working on a process to insure other library equipment. Lyons will contact Dale regarding insurance options.
  • Murphy suggested that a checklist be used in the borrowing process so that members will be reminded to do things like wipe files and charge the machine before returning it.
  • Lyons recommended that LAUC purchase locks, cables, sleeves and carrying cases for all three machines. He will investigate costs for these options.

6. Chair's Report: Troy summarized the budget report to the membership on 7/24.  Admin will e-mail the membership about R&PD for the upcoming fiscal year.  Gravier reinforced that he would like the requirements for professional development and the need for support at the forefront of LAUCs effort next year.  A survey of the membership regarding the effect of the budget climate on professional development choices will be important in providing concrete evidence for future decision-making. Troy will take on the AR of getting data from Connie Croker on how many librarians exceeded their R&PD funded for FY 08/09.

7. Vice Chair's Report : Troy is working on two more recommendations from the R&PD report:

  • Updating the webpages on R&PD to codify that funds can be split between two fiscal years.
  • Gathering information on different funding sources, including Admin, R&PD, and grants for librarians.

8. CAPA Chair's Report: CAPA has completed all of its review for the year.  Reviewees will be individually contacted by CAPA for follow-up interviews and feedback on this year's process.

9. General Committee Chair's Report: None

10. Secretary's Report: None

Minutes by Lawson