LAUC SC Executive Board Minutes 10-7-11


LAUC Executive Council Meeting 
Friday, Oct 7, 11 a.m.-12 p.m. 
Annette Marines, Sue Perry, Lucia Orlando, Ken Lyons, Katie Fortney. Guest: Frank Gravier.
1. Call to order 
2. Minutes approval: Sept. meeting 
Minutes were sent to executive council, no comments received. 
Approved. Posted. 
3. Reports: 
a. COLASC meeting, Sept 28 
AM: This was the 1st meeting of the year. No agenda was set. A draft report on last year’s activities was circulated and will be submitted to the Academic Senate for approval. Report highlights include letter in support of library on campus budget cut allotments to EVC Galloway, correspondence regarding ITS self study and UC online education project, and letter regarding SLASIAC. The committee updated their bylaws and name to include scholarly communications. This year’s COLASC priorities include copyright issues (faculty education), online publishing in eScholarship, data management (grant requirements).  There were follow-up questions from last year’s chair, including a draft survey begun to be created last spring. One of the COLASC members is interested in improving visibility, fundraising, and potential Dickens project interactions. 
Fee structure - recharging in special collections will be looked at. 
Ginny had distributed electronic newsletter, asked how faculty felt about receiving it, and the faculty present said they had found the newsletter was interesting. 
There was some negative reaction to new library building’s appearance of having fewer books, and V. Steel responded. 
SP: How will the library be involved, with their plans are around copyright, data etc. Will the right people at the library be consulted, forewarned, etc.? 
ACTION ITEM AM: Raise with Ginny the approach for involving library staff in COLASC activities when relevant. 
b. Meeting with UL Steel, Oct. 5 
AM asked for: info about UL’s meeting, statewide activities, campuswide, COLASC 
ULs’ meeting - talked about CPG report and related issues, importance for SLASIAC, and a wide variety of other topics. The SLASIAC charge was revised to reflect an advisory role, rather than an approval role. The new charge is still draft, not public yet. Other topics included Melvyl governance, NGTS, and shared print in place. Next meeting October 6. 
Statewide activities we should be aware of this month: keep an eye on NGTS. E. Cowell just sent out a link to the NGTS blog, particularly DLSTF2 (POT team). 
Campuswide: budget news hasn’t changed, but there’s a change in how funding goes to UCOP. As a reminder to all, cutting UCOP cuts what we get from CDL. 
Also discussed with VS the comment that came up at COLASC. Consider the need for consistency in message from different contact points at the library. Matrix of teams could lead to greater consistency in teams. 
Going forward, AM and LO will meet with VS monthly. 
c. LMG, Sept 15, Oct 6 
Issues for LAUC to be aware of: 
1-Creative commons, KF will discuss at later LAUC exec meeting. 
2-Mission/service statements - what are they, what’s the audience, where you’ll be able to find them, what they should be called. 
3-Teams document is nearly ready to go. It includes scopes and membership guidelines, and will be sent out in next week or two. 
4-A library conduct policy regarding behavior that may create a hostile environment is being considered. Details will be forthcoming; the idea is still in planning and draft stages. E. Cowell and S. Troy are working on it. They are looking for comments on the policy itself. The implementation process will come later. 
KL: Expressed concern about whether this is the best way to go, rather than privacy screens or other options. 
d. Statewide LAUC Exec, Oct 6 
Berkeley program will be held on October 21. AM &  Amber Genteman Janssen (former Instruction intern), CC&  CH have posters. 
Mitchell Brown is pursuing establishment of a committee to look at award tied to money for UC Librarians. 
Charges for all committees have been written up, distributed. AM can distribute link to where they are on statewide site if people want to see them. 
CPG Report feedback was gathered. Campuses didn’t have talking points to target feedback. AM has heard since that they’re still looking on implementation and more general feedback, to be received through divisional chairs. 
Diversity and CPG committees are still looking for chairs. 
M. Brown and K. Botello were at ULs meeting. Skillsets were identified from the CPG report, including “soft skills,” time management, communication, etc. Can we identify potential leaders across the system to do succession planning? Regarding the distinguished step: Berkeley’s process is on hold. 
SOPAG and SLASIAC reports were reviewed. SLASIAC very detailed, AM can forward minutes. 
4. Updates: 
a. LAUC Divisional Meeting schedule (AM) 
Future LAUC executive council meetings will be the week after the statewide calls, instead of the day after. 
b. LAUC Budget for this year (AM) 
c. LAUC R&PD (LO) 
LO: LO and AM are discussing kicking off a support/best practices group for those engaged or interested in publication, with a schedule TBA. Rest of committee is CC and one other person, TBA. 
Action item for LO: will put out call for third member. 
d. CAPA (KL) 
AR for KL - Nothing happening yet. Will talk to GC about status of last year’s report. 
e. Assembly 
AM reported to statewide on 3 possible sites (spreadsheet is available). The option here on campus was determined to be too expensive. Other options are at UC extension and Seymour Center. Next steps: M. Brown will look at travel budget and average costs. AM will investigate catering options. 
5. CPG Report Discussion 
a. Debrief 
Report is final, so discussions should focus on implementation, but still can raise concerns about content. 
b. Next steps 
Consider how skills described in the report might be acquired by existing staff. Consider what parts of the report to highlight for people on our local campus. Consider local best steps given SLASIAC report. 
Action item: AM and SP will follow up on policies for funding training from on-campus Training and Development through Staff Human Resources. 
Meeting adjourned. 
Not reached within allotted time: 
6. Old business: LAUC iPad; LAUC Annual Report 
7. New business: Ideas for next LAUC-SC membership meeting 
8. Announcements 
Tabled: LAUC Buddy Program review. Discussion of creative commons licensing of text of library-authored web pages.