LAUC SC Executive Board Minutes 10-7-10

LAUC Executive Board Meeting
7 Oct. 2010


Present: Greg Careaga, Nicole Lawson, Annette Marines, Nicholas Meriwether, Kerry Scott.

Guest: Frank Gravier.



  • Chair Nicole Lawson noted that Executive Board meetings will adhere more closely to Parliamentary procedure in order to keep things moving.


CWC Report (Annette Marines)

  • Vice Chair Annette Marines reported that the brown bag to solicit input for the CWC agenda was held and that the three top issues were retirement, morale, and child care.
  • CWC's areas of focus for 2010-11 are demonstration planning and response; communications and marketing; student services and student engagement; and budget and academic planning.


LAUC Budget Report (Nicole Lawson)

  • Chair Lawson reported that the LAUC budget for the year is $750. The LAUC laptop needs a VGA adapter (about $20), a reasonable expense.
  • While it is not necessary to invest funds in hardware, it is permissible.
  • LAUC can also expend those funds to bring in speakers and/or hold events.
  • The next presentation is Dec. 9, and discussion ensued concerning the possibility of bringing in a mental health representative from campus to discuss student population needs. Vice Chair Marines suggested bringing in other professionals, such as security and emergency respondents, to make up a panel with several differing perspectives all addressing this broad topic.
  • Marines asked whether any R&PD funds might be available through LAUCSC, and Lawson said she would bring it up with UL Steel.
  • Discussion followed over R&PD funding and the distinction between statewide versus local, with the consensus emerging that Chair Lawson would clarify in her meeting with UL Steel.
  • At Chair Lawson brought up the issue of recording the Executive Board meetings in the future to facilitate more complete minutes and verify discussion; Greg Careaga and Nicholas Meriwether discussed options, and Meriwether noted that Special Collections could loan their digital recorder  and also asked if the recordings should be preserved;
  • The consensus emerged that the recordings would not be preserved and archived.


PAPA/LS migration update (Nicole Lawson)

  • Chair Lawson provided an update on the PAPA/LS migration, which prompted a wide-ranging discussion of the distinction between PAPA  vis-à-vis represented and non-represented members.
  • Lawson explained that in both cases, those pages will not be hosted on LAUC pages, nor should they be editorially accessible.
  • AUL McGirr will create an introductory page on the Admin pages and linked through. It was noted that the appendices of both the represented and non-represented pages did not match, leading to a discussion of how revisions would be handled.
  • Greg Careaga pledged to follow up with Kate McGirr and report back at the next Executive Board meeting.


Diversity Committee Report (Nicole Lawson)

  • Next, Nicole Lawson discussed the Diversity Committee, noting questions about its charge and explaining that Christine Hightower has replaced John Speagle as representative, and she will step down in 2011.
  • The DC has a charge from the statewide committee to gather information about ethnicity, educational level, and professional accomplishments, and a provision in its bylaws allows for the LAUC Statewide Chair to request a UCOP liaison to assist with accessing existing data.
  • At the UL's meeting, the general response was that the data that the DC needs to gather likely has not been gathered on a statewide basis. The DC has not yet released a plan to collect data on a local level.
  • Greg Careaga asked whether each campus would collect data in the same way, and Nicole Lawson added that she would investigate where those data will be kept. Lawson also noted that the first statewide DC meeting had not been called yet.


LAUC Presentation/Brownbags (DOT & Retirement) (Greg Careaga, Nicole Lawson)

  • The all-staff meeting has been set for Dec. 9; Greg Careaga suggests that the meeting be held after next Regents meeting on November 16.


Chair’s Report (Nicole Lawson)

  • Nicole Lawson reported that the next general meeting needed to be set for the week of Dec. 8; after discussion, the consensus was that mornings would be best.
  • The CAPA final report is necessary, Greg Careaga agreed, which will require about an hour to complete.
  • After discussion, the consensus was to hold a half-hour general membership meeting and then a one-hour CAPA meeting, allowing two hours overall, with the Executive Board to bring treats.
  • The issue of librarian representation on campus committees followed. Nicole Lawson noted that Library Administration does not track Librarians’ representation on campus committees, and Annette Marines offered to follow up on the issue of whether the UL is representing LAUC or the Library (see Vice Chair's Report). The broader issue of LAUC representation on the Committee on Teaching is on hold, Marines added.
  • Chair Lawson asked UL Steel about the Committee on Libraries, and Ginny said she would contact incoming chair Roberto Manduchi to get the process started.
  • A gift has been received to create faculty space in the new library in the microform area, with input from the Committee On Faculty Welfare and other faculty constituents. UL Steel prefers a flexible space with sliding doors, and Vice Chair Marines suggested that clarification on intended use would be useful—is this to be instructional space, seminar room, etc., which Chair Lawson concurred was important, especially given the need to finalize furniture plans.
  • Chair Lawson noted that a SOPAG proposal to the University Librarians on redoing committee structure addressed the issue of length of service and added that the list had been sent out; Vice Chair Marines noted that service is balanced.


Vice Chair’s Report (Annette Marines)

  • Vice Chair Marines noted that the R&PD local committee investigates overlap between local and statewide committee.
  • She has also been investigating Sturgis Rules of Order for input on agendas and meeting structure, which would be helpful.
  • Marines also commented on the broken links on LAUC local pages, especially those under job descriptions; Chair Lawson said that she would follow up with Debbie Murphy to correct, and will also follow up with Sarah Troy on campus-wide committee/LAUC representation issues.
  • A brief discussion of minutes’ handling followed, with Annette Marines and Nicholas Meriwether agreeing to determine whether formal approval of the previous meetings’ minutes needed to be incorporated into the meeting structure, using Sturgis as the guide, or whether the existing system of email drafts would suffice.


CAPA Chair’s Report (Greg Careaga)

  • Greg Careaga noted that a draft of the CAPA report had been shared with the UL and Ginny Steel provided some feedback.

  • She encouraged CAPA to take another look at how it framed its comments on adherence to the time line. She also asked CAPA to be careful about how it reports last year's review recommendations lest it fall short of its obligation to maintain strict confidentiality.

  • The final report will be completed and delivered to LAUC shortly.

  • Careaga noted that a priority for this year was better adherence to the time line and a review of where bottlenecks occurred, noting that this year’s workload appeared to be lighter than last year’s.


General Committee Chair’s Report (Kerry Scott)

  • Kerry Scott did not have a report, but added that she intends to look into presentation possibilities.


Secretary’s Report (Nicholas Meriwether):

  • No report.


All business being concluded, the Chair moved for adjournment at 9:54 am.