LAUC-SC Executive Board Minutes 10-7-04

LAUC-SC Executive Board Thursday, Oct. 7, 2004 9:00 -10:00 am 167 McHenry Library 1. Announcements Save the date! Fall LAUC-SC General Membership meeting scheduled for Nov. 18 at 9am The first Science and Engineering Library Synergy Lecture is scheduled for Oct. 14 in the S&E library Periodicals room. Chemistry Professor Glenn Millhauser will talk about "Mad Cow Disease: Why We All Have the Prion Protein and How It Can Go Wrong in Disease" 2. Chair's Report The Fall Assembly Web site is up and running at The registration deadline is Oct. 15, 2004. The newly revised statewide LAUC Web site is up and running at Pres. Terence Huwe monthly comments column will be available on the site. Members are welcome to post their reactions and comments as well. There has been one applicant and one award for the travel stipend to the Fall Assembly for "newer librarians." The final reports of 03-04 LAUC committees are coming in. Lyons will distribute them to the membership once all have been published. LAUC Reps on Statewide committees have been announced: Patrick Dawson (UCSB) will be on SOPAG, Kati Radics (UCLA) will be on CDC, Kari Lucas (UCSD) will represent LAUC on HOPS. Huwe is asking for comments, questions and ideas about potential issues for SOPAG to address this year at the Fall Assembly. 3. Vice Chair's Report Keep R&PD requests coming in. 4. CAPA Chair's Report CAPA Workshop is scheduled for Dec. 2 The review calendar is on the Web at 5. General Committee Report Caldwell will arrange for catering for the Fall membership meeting. Caldwell is working with the library Diversity Committee to bring speaker Judy Kaufman (UCI) to speak on communication between professional and paraprofessional staff in the library. Other ideas for speakers include someone to speak on eScholarship initiatives or MacArthur Genius Grant winner Joseph DeRisi. DeRisi is a UCSC alum, current UCSF Professor, SARS researcher and backer of the Public Library of Science Biology -- a new scientific journal that makes its published research available to the public, not just to subscribers. 6. Secretary's Report The Web site has been updated with links to LAUC Web site information and the current review calendar. -- Sue Perry Reference Librarian Electronic Services Coordinator University Library 1156 High Street Santa Cruz, CA 95064 chesley at 831-459-5590