LAUC-SC Executive Board Minutes 10-5-06

LAUC-SC Executive Council Minutes 10/05/06

9:00-10 a.m. S&E Room 332

Present: Hubble (Chair), Graiver (CAPA chair), Hsiung (Secretary), Murphy (General Committee Chair), Steel (University Librarian)
Absent: Scott (Vice-Chair)

Chair's Report:

No feedback has been received from the general membership on LAUC-SC issues to be presented at the statewide Lauc Fall General Assembly at UCD on Nov. 14. Hubble will send out a final list of top issues as determined by the LAUC-SC Executive Council for member input before it is presented to the statewide LAUC. Murphy will look into the non-bargaining aspect of the recruitment and retention documents for more information to help Hubble in finalizing that issue on the list. Hubble and Scott will be attending the Fall Assembly.

Murphy will be responsible for organizing the LAUC-SC General Membership meeting.

CAPA Chair's Report

The first round of recommendations from the Substitute Reference Desk Librarian pool is on the way to Academic HR.

General Committee Chair's Report

Ideas for this year's programs include inviting speakers from the campus on topics of interest to the libary, like new programs, such as Digital Arts or Video games. LAUC-SC might co-sponsor special events or organize trips. Murphy will apporach the general members for input.


Secretary's Report

Website has been updated.