LAUC-SC Executive Board Minutes 10-5-00

Science Library
October 5, 2000

Present: Ann Hubble (Chair), Larry Millsap (Vice-chair), Cynthia Jahns (Secretary), Christy Hightower (General Committee Chair),Catherine Soehner (CAPA Chair).


Hubble congratulated Christy Hightower on her victory in the recently held special election to fill the vacancy for General Committee Chair. Hubble announced that Deborah Murphy spoke to EVC Simpson about a program for LAUC and the library staff featuring the new Information Technology consultant to the Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor regarding campus-wide information technology issues, Larry Merkley. Merkley will chair a senior IT advisory group that will look at issues associated with strategic planning, IT resources allocation, acquisition and budget.

Chair's Report

LAUC Fall Assembly: Hubble said there will be no LAUC Executive Council Fall meeting prior to the Fall Assembly this year. It will be held at UCB on November 17. Holding a brown bag lunch to provide an update to LAUC-SC members after the Fall Assembly in November was suggested. Millsap is unable to attend the Fall Assembly, so Jahns was designated as his replacement. Upcoming LAUC-SC Meetings: Soehner will send email to LAUC-SC announcing the meetings on November 2 and December 7. LAUC Buddies: Those who had volunteered to take a new LAUC-SC member to lunch or coffee as part of the LAUC buddy program were paired up with new LAUC-SC members Greg Carreaga, Lai-Ying Hsiung, and Christy Hightower.

Millsap had no report.
Jahns was asked to send minutes in the body of the email as well as attached.
General Committee Chair:
Hightower, being newly elected, had no report.
CAPA Chair:
Soehner reported that CAPA has been busy writing the CAPA Report for 1999-2000, and was also spending quite a bit of time dealing with the librarian recruitments in progress.

The next LAUC-SC General Meeting will be November 2nd, when the CAPA Report is presented. All LAUC-SC members are encouraged to attend.

Minutes submitted by Cynthia Jahns, Secretary.