LAUC-SC Executive Board Minutes 10-4-07

LAUC-Santa Cruz Executive Council Meeting Minutes

Thursday, Oct 4, 2007
9:00 am to 10:00 am
Location: McHenry 350

Present: Kerry Scott (Chair), Frank Gravier (Vice Chair), Sue Perry (CAPA Chair), Danielle Kane (General Committee Chair), Christy Hightower (Secretary)

Guest: Ken Lyons

1. Announcements

  • In future LAUC will be meeting in McHenry 325 (not room 350).
  • Many thanks to Greg Careaga who has agreed to serve as the new LAUC statewide secretary. He was appointed because Orchid Mazurkiewicz who was elected to the position is unable to serve her term.


2. Perry sent a call for comment on the new version of PAPA-AUL to the LAUC-SC membership a week ago. End of day today is the deadline for comment. So far no written comments have been received.

3. Appointment of new LAUC-SC representatives to statewide committees. The following appointments were made:

  • Karen Mokrzycki is appointed to the Research and Professional Development Committee
  • Lee Jaffe, the current incumbent, will extend his current term on the Committee on Professional Governance so that he will serve a total term of three years so that his term will end on the correct year for our campus in the rotation schedule.
  • Cynthia Jahns is appointed to the Diversity Committee.

LAUC thanks all who volunteered to serve.

ACTION: Scott will inform the membership of the appointments.

4. Scott reviewed all of the informal executive board job descriptions currently on the web and found that the descriptions for the Chair and the Vice Chair need updating to remove obsolete references, and that the Secretary's job description also needs some minor editing.

ACTION: Scott will make these changes and will send the revised text to Kane for posting on the web.


5. Reviewing the LAUC-SC bylaws for possible revision and vote of the membership. It was agreed that the bylaws should be brought to the membership for a vote to revise the wording of the duties of secretary to remove the requirement that the minutes of our local meetings be sent to anyone other than the members of the division, to revise the section about what gets sent to the archives to remove mention of print format and to be less specific about the exact items sent to the archive each year to allow for more flexibility. The specific list of items suggested for the archives would be more appropriate on the informal job description page for the secretary, where it could be updated without the need for a vote, than in the official bylaws. It was decided that the vote on the bylaws changes could happen at the fall general membership meeting instead of waiting until the LAUC elections in spring.

ACTION: Scott will bring draft wording for the revised sections to the November Executive Council meeting.

6. It was decided that the fall general membership meeting will be December 6th this year and that the agenda would include the CAPA workshop, the vote on the bylaws revision, and the report from the fall LAUC statewide general assembly. The CAPA report will be presented at a later meeting in 2008 because the review process has not yet been completed so December would probably be too soon to solicit input from the members on how the process went this year.

7. Chair's Report

The LAUC statewide executive council will be meeting via conference call on October 5th. Both Scott and Gravier will participate. See Lise Snyder's email (forwarded by Scott to the membership today) for Lise's wrap-up documentation, Spring Assembly evaluation, and UCI's librarian mentoring program documentation. Lise also sent some background information on recruitment and retention issues that was not for general distribution but which would be helpful to give to our new Santa Cruz representative to the Diversity Committee since those issues now fall within that committee's new charge. ACTION: Scott will give that information to Jahns as our new Diversity Committee representative.

8. Vice Chair's Report: nothing to report.

9. CAPA Chair's Report: there are still some librarian reviews that are not yet completed.

10. General Committee Report: Kane and Hightower met and decided on division of labor for updating the LAUC-SC web site.

11. Secretary's Report: nothing to report.

Minutes by Hightower