LAUC-SC Executive Board Minutes 10-2-08

LAUC-Santa Cruz Executive Council Meeting Minutes

October 2, 2008

Present: Frank Gravier (Chair), Sarah Troy (Vice Chair), Deborah Murphy (CAPA Chair), Ken Lyons (General Committee Chair), Nicole Lawson (Secretary), and members Christy Caldwell, Lee Jaffe and Ginny Steel

Member Caldwell proposed that the Council meet again to discuss the PAPA revisions and list of coordinators before the General Membership meeting. 

Action: The rest of the Council concurred and will find an appropriate meeting date and time.

Chair Murphy noted that 2006-07 CAPA workshop minutes have been added to the CAPA final report.

The Council also reviewed the following priority items for the month:

The Council discussed whether to pickup where the 2001-02 task force left off.  Because 8 years have passed since their initial work it was decided that the data and practices are in need of a fresh review. 

Action:  Lyons will review the current policy both for librarians and faculty and present an assessment at the November meeting.

  1. Announcements: None
  2. Update on LAUC Discussion of the secondary supervisor issue:  On September 23, 2008 members of CAPA  (Chair Murphy, Jaffe and Caldwell) met with Admin (UL Steel, AUL McGirr, and AUL Dale) to discuss questions and next steps regarding LAUC’s proposal and Admin’s counterproposal about the role of secondary supervisors.  During the her update to the Council, CAPA Chair Murphy highlighted the next steps included at the end of the meeting notes forwarded to the Council prior to the October meeting. 
  3. Next steps:
    • Library Administration will send LAUC membership a current list of primary/secondary supervisors and who they supervise prior to this years Call.  This list should be distributed to all LAUC members, not just those up for review.
    • Administration is welcome to send a draft list to LAUC for feedback/corrections if needed.
    • Library Administration would like to meet with CAPA at least once more before the membership meeting and after the meeting with the LAUC ExBd 10/2.
    • Library Administration will send draft PAPA revision documents and list of the new coordinators and who they will coordinate to LAUC members prior to the Fall General Membership meeting (TBA) to ensure time for study before the membership meeting, where admin hopes membership will be ready for a vote.
  4. Review of Ongoing Tasks Chart:  Member Hightower wrote to the Council to request that a line be added to the task chart regarding creating a clear follow-up procedure for ‘no action review’.  Actions:Secretary Lawson will add this task with a review date of November 2008 along with a column for noting the completion of tasks.  Chair Gravier will set a date in November to meet with UL Steel and AUL McGirr on quarterly check-in items.
    • Selection of a LAUC Rep to the CWC:  UL Steel reported to the Council in late September that the EVC has approved the addition of a LAUC member to the Campus Welfare Committee. Member Remak has volunteered to serve as the representative for this year.
    • Summary of survey responses from LAUC membership about possible ways to improve communication between librarians and review initiators:  Chair Gravier forwarded both a summary and complete listing of responses prior to the Council meeting.  The Council discussed whether to distribute the report as Gravier had presented them or to wait for AUL McGirr’s report from other UC AULS on their current practice.  The Council agreed that the summary should be sent to the membership as is.  Action:  Gravier will distribute the summary and responses to the membership.  Gravier will also draft a task force charge to recommend improvements to communication between librarians and review initiators.
    • Counter-offer process discussion/task force: 

      General Committee Chair Lyons reviewed his previous notes on this topic and proposed the following charge:

        • State the essential issue.
        • Review historical work completed by LAUC in 2001-02 and progress since then.
        • Describe the current approach at UCSC in both formal and informal policy.
        • Describe known cases of counter-proposals.
        • Investigate practices at other UCs and other institutions.
        • Create a new policy proposal
        • Present the draft policy to the general membership
        • Create any necessary accompanying documents.
        • If appropriate, present the draft policy to Admin.
  5. Ensure that a LAUC Guide is selected immediately upon the appointment of a new hire:  The Council agreed that this is an important part of the new hire process.  Chair Gravier proposed that the announcement of the appointment of a new librarian serve as the trigger for the selection of a LAUC guide.

    Action: Member Caldwell will find previous documentation on the LAUC guide process.
  6. Update on the R&PD Report:  Chair Gravier and Member Scott met with UL Steel and AUL McGirr to discuss and the draft report.  Additional changes will be made to the report as a result of the discussion. 

    Action:  Gravier and Scott will have a draft ready to present at the November meeting.
  7. Update on Strategic Planning:  Consultant Raynna Bowlby returned to McHenry September 15& 16 for a two day retreat with the Strategic Planning group.  The result of the retreat was a lot of raw work toward a strategic plan, but not a formal plan.  Per UL Steel the next steps the next steps in the planning process will be:
    • A draft mission statement has been posted to the Strategic Planning wiki.
    • A chart on possible strategic directions will also be posted to the wiki.
    • Continue referring the wiki for updates on progress.
    • A formal plan will be in place by January 1, 2009.
  8. Chair’s Report:  There will be a LAUC Statewide conference call on October 3.  During this call the transition process for the upcoming year will be outlined along with a report on LAUC’s discussion with ULs.  A reminder that the Fall Assembly will be December 3 & 4, 2008 at UCSF.
  9. Vice Chair’s Report:  Troy will also present for the conference call.
  10. CAPA Chair’s Report:  CAPA will meet October 2 immediately after the Council meeting to review the upcoming search for an Assistant Head of Technical Services.  One review remains outstanding from the 2007-08 review cycle.
  11. General Committee Chair’s Report:  Lyons will be reviewing recommendations for 2008-09 programs and present them at the November meeting.
  12. Secretary’s Report: No report.

Minutes by Lawson