LAUC-SC Executive Board Minutes 10-1-98

LAUC/SC Executive Board Minutes

LAUC/SC Executive Board Minutes

October 1 1998

9:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.

325 McHenry Library

Present: Murphy, Chesley, Jahns, Mokrzycki, Mullin,

I. Announcements


II. Report from the Chair

A. AGENDA: Murphy will call for agenda items two weeks prior to

scheduled meeting. Agenda should encourage LAUC/SC members to attend.

B. FALL RETREAT: Murphy to send report to membership on Fall Retreat.

C. WEB SITE: Murphy discussed the permissions needed to update the LAUC

web site. Board agreed that current Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary

would need access. Murphy to request access.

D. LAP TOP: Purchase of a LAUC/SC lap top computer is in progress.

E. LAUC email/documents: Board agreed that they wanted to see all

LAUC (non confidential) email and documents. Murphy will send.

III. CAPA Report

CAPA Report meeting and CAPA Review Workshop dates are in flux. Murphy

to work with CAPA chair and Library Administration on dates and

announce. If date falls on LAUC/SC Executive Board date, the Board will

meet before or after CAPA meeting.

[NOTE: (Dates set after meeting)

CAPA Report followed by LAUC/SC Executive Board meeting.

Nov. 5 (8:30-10:00) Science Library Instruction Room

LAUC/SC General Membership meeting followed by CAPA Workshop

Dec. 3 (8:30-10:00) McHenry 325]

IV. General Committee Report

The Executive Board approved requests for two programs:

Christy Hightower's Data Base Advisor and Jacquelyn Marie's

WomenUs KnowHow Conference presentation.

V. R& PD Report

Chesley reminded membership to submit requests for support in a timely

manner, and noted she had not received any for the Internet Librarian

Conference in early November.

VI. Other Business


Minutes by Mullin