LAUC-SC Executive Board Minutes 10-1-09

LAUC-SC Executive Board Meeting

October 1, 2009
9-10:00 a.m.
Location: McHenry 0345

Present: N. Lawson, L. Jaffe, D. Murphy, B. Remak-Honef, S. Troy

Minutes: D. Murphy

1. Announcements

LAUC-SC has representatives on all committees requiring LAUC representation:

  • UCSC Campus Welfare Committee: A. Marines
  • Committee on Professional Governance: L. Orlando
  • Diversity Committee: J. Speagle
  • Research & Professional Development Committee: K. Lyons

2. R&PD spending 05-09

ST distributed document regarding library R&PD spending over last four fiscal years. LAUC-SC will use this historical information to inform contents of a survey on R&PD spending.  Topics to be covered include:

- Asking if members have overspent their budgets and if so by how much

- Looking at conference attendance.

Action: Sarah & Nicole will draft survey for LAUC membership on R&PD spending

3. Update on LAUC laptops

Laptops and notebooks are ready for checkout at both S&E and McHenry Circulation desks.  They have carrying cases and accessories.  ST will review what software is available on each.

Action: Debbie (& Ken?) will send list of software on LAUC Mac laptop to Sarah

4. Review Ongoing Tasks chart

Will be generally reviewed at our next ExBd meeting.  Currently, priority is being given to CAPA's review of the PAPA-LS revisions they have received from K. McGirr.

5. General Membership meeting: some pre-planning

General discussion on the timing of the Fall General Membership meeting and the CAPA Workshop.  Tentatively, a General Membership meeting and a separate CAPA Workshop will both be held in December.  No dates have been finalized.

Action: Sarah will organize general membership meeting (to include CAPA report and perhaps PAPA LS revision discussion) for Nov/Dec

Action: Lee will organize CAPA workshop for Dec

6. Chair's Report

Covered in previous agenda items.

7. Vice Chair's Report

Will invite Connie Croker sometime in early 2010 to provide background for members on splitting R&PD funds over the fiscal year.

8. CAPA Chair's Report

K. McGirr has sent a draft of revisions to PAPA-LS to CAPA for comment prior to her distribution of these revisions to the LAUC membership. Once this draft has been distributed, CAPA will solicit feedback from members.  CAPA will review the procedures for approving changes to PAPA.

Action: Lee (& Ken) will investigate authority for PAPA-LS

9. General Committee Chair's Report

LAUC will be sponsoring a series of social events, inviting librarians to describe their work.  First event will be Nov. 19 with details to be announced.

Action: Beth will send wording for the "brown bag" invitations to the exec board

10. Secretary's Report