LAUC-SC Executive Board Minutes 1-8-09

LAUC-Santa Cruz Executive Council Meeting Minutes

Present: Frank Gravier (Chair), Sarah Troy (Vice Chair), Ken Lyons (General Committee Chair), Nicole Lawson (Secretary), and member Christy Caldwell.
Absent: Deborah Murphy (CAPA Chair)

1. Announcements: Chair Gravier announced that member Machlis will be the LAUC Representative to the Graduate Council. Troy suggested that the two LAUC Representatives to academic senate committees present regular updates at the LAUC Executive Council Meetings.

2. Research & Professional Development Report: Chair Gravier and Vice Chair Troy have reviewed the recommendations included in the report and have determined that several currently fall under the purview of Admin. LAUC will be actively pursuing recommendations 2a. and 3-6. Troy will be working on an R&PD travel webpage that will bring together information that currently resides on a few disparate pages.

3. LAUC Guide Documents: The Executive Council will review the draft document created last year and send any edits to General Committee Chair Lyons by 1/16. Lyons will post the final document to the LAUC webpage.

4. Managing the Ongoing Tasks List: Gravier sent a proposal to the Executive Council for consolidating and prioritizing action items under general theme headings. In addition the Council had the following suggestions:



  • Add the committee leader to the owner or progress column where applicable.
  • Gravier and Lyons will meet to setup a counter-offer task force.
  • Continue reviewing retention and recruitment concerns.
  • Find examples of post-recruitment assessment tools that can be modified for UCSC.
  • Explore ways to partner more actively with Admin during the recruitment process such as participating in the candidate's campus visits.

5. Chair's Report: There will be a statewide meeting Friday, 1/9. Statewide Chair Dunlap will be discussing state communication regarding the budget and the LAUC Clearinghouse. The Spring Assembly will held May 13th.

6. Vice Chair's Report: No grant proposals have been received thus far for LAUC research grants. Troy will send a reminder to the membership.

7. CAPA Chair's Report: None

8. General Committee Chair's Report: Lyons has contacted five potential speakers to get more information on group sizes and fees.

9. Secretary's Report: None

Minutes by Lawson