LAUC-SC Executive Board Minutes 1-7-99

LAUC/SC Executive Board Meeting

January 7, 1999 McHenry Room 325

9:00 - 10:00

Present: Chesley, Mokrzycki, Murphy


As agreed to last quarter, Murphy has extended an invitation to EVC John Simpson to meet with LAUC/SC and to also meet with all library staff. Dates have not yet been determined.

Fall Assembly Report

Murphy reported briefly on the Fall Assembly, particularly the Report of the Professional Governance Committee and the issue of additional steps for the Librarian Series. [The topic was also discussed at the most recent meeting of the UCSC Committee on the Library which Chesley and Murphy attended.] LAUC Chairs have received a copy of the background proposal for expansion of the salary range for the AUL series (which was approved) and invited LAUC/SC members to contact her if they wish to read it.

CAPA Report


General Commmittee Report

Mokrzycki reported that she has requested a semi-annual budget report from

Sharon Call. [Update: $882.95 remains in the LAUC budget. Based on theoriginal allocation, $3879 of $4012 has been encumbered or spent for the Powerbook, carrying case and software. Of $452 of the original $1200 for sponsored events has been spent.]

Next Meeting:

February 4, 1999 9-10 Rm. 325