LAUC-SC Executive Board Minutes 1-7-10


LAUC-SC Executive Board Meeting

January 7, 2010

9-10:00 a.m.

Location: McHenry 0345

Present: N. Lawson, L. Jaffe, A. Marines, D. Murphy, L. Orlando, B. Remak-Honef, S. Troy

Minutes: D. Murphy

1. Announcements


2. UC Commission on the Future (ST)

ST consulted with UL Ginny Steel and proposed that LAUC-SC look at the letter being sent out by LAUC statewide to President Yudof and customize this to send to the UCSC Chancellor. 

Action: ST will contact Lucia Diamond re: the LAUC statewide letter.

3. Campus Welfare Committee (AM)

AM reported that this committee will be meeting monthly.  The first meeting sets the agenda for the upcoming year.  Some topics the committee may address include:

- Presentation from the Demonstration response team

- A look at campus climate and communication.  AM noted that librarians were a missing component in this area.

-TAPS budget

- Student mental health issues

- Planning for future topics

Action: Add AM's report on Campus Welfare Committee as a regular agenda item.

4. UC Librarians in the 21st century (LO)

LO reported on this presentation at the LAUC statewide Assembly. By the Committee on Professional Governance (CPG).  There is a new LAUC blog for reporting on and liveblogging ( that covers the topics CPG raised.  The next step will be to compile and post the notes from the subgroups and make these available on the CPG website.  Was proposed that CPG create a survey to solicit additional input.

Action: ST to add this topic to LAUC-SC Spring General Assembly agenda.

5. Next Brown Bag (BHR)

Next Brown Bag discussion will be in Marchl  Location TBA.  Scheduled to speak are Christy Caldwell, Kerry Scott, Christine Bunting and Annette Marines.

6. Chair's Report (ST)

ST and NL met with UL Ginny Steel.  They briefed her on CPG activities,  LAUC statewides letter to President Yudof, reported on the Fall Assembly including concerns by librarians of non-standard handling of the distribution of librarian steps and librarians working outside the librarian series.

7. Vice Chair's Report (NL)

NL has resent the LAUC-SC survey questions and now has a more than a 50% response rate.  She will report on this at our next Executive Board meeting.

8. CAPA Chair's Report (LJ)

LJ reported that the CAPA Workshop notes are posted on the LAUC_SC website.

9. General Committee Chair's Report (BRH)

BRH working on inviting Julie Chen to speak at the library.

10. Secretary's Report (DM)