LAUC-SC Executive Board Minutes 1-4-01


Science Library
January 4, 2001

Present: Ann Hubble (Chair), Larry Millsap (Vice-chair), Cynthia Jahns (Secretary), Catherine Soehner (CAPA Chair), Christy Hightower (General Committee Chair).


Chair's Report
Hubble informed the Executive Council that the LAUC Spring Assembly will be held at UC Irvine on April 27. Millsap has a SOPAG meeting that day, so Jahns will be the other representative. On April 5, Cathy Palmer, LAUC President, will visit UCSC and attend our meeting. We will be discussing issues that are on the agenda for the Spring Assembly.

Secretary's Report

Jahns reported the statewide by-laws referendum was in progress, and many ballots have been returned to her. The ballots are due to her by Friday, Jan. 5. She also asked for suggestions about the LAUC-SC web site.

General Committee Chair's Report

Hightower reported that she has arranged for EVC John Simpson to speak on January 26, at 1 PM, in the McHenry Library staff room. Catering arrangements have been made. She also received a suggestion that another dean be invited to speak to the group in the spring, following the popular talk given last spring by the dean of the Natural Sciences. (**Please note that since this meeting, EVC Simpson requested a date change for this event. New date/time to be announced.)
Vice-Chair's Report

Millsap discussed a request to the Research & Professional Developmentcommittee, and will follow up on the request.

CAPA Chair's Report
,p. Soehner informed the Executive Council that CAPA has taken part in the recruitment for Assistant Head of Access Services. CAPA chairs statewide are in contact via email to discuss changes in the review process resulting from the recent revision to the librarian series.
New Business

The Executive Council discussed the decision made at the NovemberGeneral Meeting to maintain the local LAUC-SC Handbook in electronic format only. Hightower has made paper copies of the Handbook for new librarians, and has researched which documents are available electronically. Many are available, mainly at the UCOP web site. It is helpful for UCOP to maintain as many current LAUC documents as possible, so that the effort doesn't have to be duplicated at each campus.
The Executive Council decided to form an Ad Hoc Committee on the LAUC-SC Handbook. Its charge will be: "The Ad Hoc Committee on the LAUC-SC Handbook will review the LAUC-SC Handbook to decide what should be included in an electronic version of the Handbook. The committee will make recommendations on sections that could be deleted, on sections that should be maintained online locally, and on sections that could be pointed to at other web sites. The committee will also make recommendations on sections that should be updated. The committee will make recommendations on amendments to the LAUC-SC By-laws that are needed as a result of putting the local documents online."
Hightower will chair the Ad Hoc Committee on the LAUC-SC Handbook. Hubble will contact librarians and ask them to serve on the committee. - Cynthia Jahns, Secretary