LAUC-SC Executive Board Minutes 1-3-08

LAUC-Santa Cruz Executive Council Meeting Minutes
January 3, 2008

Present: Kerry Scott (Chair), Frank Gravier (Vice Chair), Sue Perry (CAPA Chair), Christy Hightower (Secretary), Danielle Kane (General Committee Chair), and members: Sarah Troy, Annette Marines.


  • The LAUC statewide executive committee holds monthly conference calls, but the one for January has been canceled.
  • The Santa Cruz Committee on the Library meets monthly and the schedule for winter quarter has been set. Scott and Gravier are members and will report back on COL activities and discussions as appropriate.

Chair's Report
The last statewide executive board conference call was on December 7th. The bulk of the meeting was spent discussing the letter that Chair Bob Heyer-Grey was then drafting to send to President Dynes regarding concerns with the university's initial position in contract negotiations with the librarians that appears to threaten the role of peer review. Scott forwarded the text of the final letter to the Santa Cruz membership on December 13th. The statewide Research and Professional Development Committee's charge for 2008 was also discussed, with changes expected to streamline the process and broaden the definition of the types of projects that could qualify for funding. The other statewide committees have not yet been charged for 2008.

Scott expressed thanks to General Committee Chair Kane for updating the local website with the revised bylaws and the LAUC Guide Program documentation.

Vice Chair's Report
As the chair of the local Research and Professional Development Committee Gravier plans to update the local guidelines to reflect the new policy allowing members to spend their R&PD funds on professional membership dues. Gravier will send a call to the membership [done] for a volunteer to form the third member of the local committee (Karen Mokrzycki, the Santa Cruz representative to the statewide R&PD Committee is the other member of the local committee).

CAPA Chair's Report
Minutes from the CAPA workshop in December will be forthcoming. CAPA is requesting that an updated version of the document listing the review initiators and the secondary supervisors be sent to the entire membership. Perry and Scott will prepare a "welcome to Santa Cruz" packet for new librarians. Scott will remind Cheryl Gomez as the supervisor of the newly hired Assistant Head of Access Services, Nicole Lawson, that the supervisor suggests someone to serve as the LAUC Guide for new hires.

General Committee Chair's Report
Kane sent email to Mark Matais inviting him to be the next speaker but has not yet heard back from him. The Retention and Recruitment Committee met with the previous committee and is on target for finishing their work. The group sent the membership a survey about members planed dates for retirement and is planning on sending a second survey about issues [done].

Secretary's Report
Hightower will update the LAUC list of librarians to reflect Sarah Troy's permanent appointment and Nicole Lawson's new appointment.

Minutes by Hightower