LAUC-SC Executive Board Minutes,1/10/13


LAUC Executive Council minutes, 1/10/13, 9:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.
In attendance: Christy Caldwell (Vice-Chair), Frank Gravier (Secretary), Ann Hubble (CAPA Chair), Lee Jaffe (General Committee Chair), Kate McGirr (member), Annette Marines (Past Chair), Lucia Orlando (Chair).
Announcements: none.
Additional agenda items: none.
PAPA/LS project status update: Ann reported that the broken links on the PAPA-Rep website have been fixed.  Lucia and Ann met with Kate to discuss next steps. A document highlighting the draft portions will be sent to the division. A document will be created to identify the most important issues that need to be discussed. LAUC Exec. members need to contribute to this by January 18th.  
Next Steps: A brown bag is scheduled for January 30th to discuss the issues and content of the draft language. Recommendations for change will added. A second brown bag will be scheduled if needed. A General Membership meeting will held in March to vote on the final recommendations. In the summer CAPA will begin the process of revising other aspects of PAPA, for example the review calendar, requests for letters, alignment between policies and procedures for both represented and non-represented librarians.
Minutes by Frank Gravier.