LAUC-SC Executive Board Minutes, 8/1/13


LAUC-SC Executive Council minutes, 8/1/13, 9:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.
In attendance: Frank Gravier (Secretary), Ann Hubble (CAPA Chair),Lee Jaffe (General Committee Chair), Cynthia Moriconi (Incoming General Committee Chair), Deborah Murphy (Incoming Vice Chair, Chair Elect), Sue Perry (Vice Chair, CAPA).
- Summary of outstanding projects: PAPA. Ann reported the current recruitments provide an opportunity to test potential changes to the appointment chronology. She will follow up with Kate.  Ann, Kate and incoming CAPA chair, Sue, will meet to discuss options for reorganizing PAPA-LS.  An ad hoc committee will likely be appointed to do this. CAPA will be putting out the call to membership for comments on the recent review process.
- Tips and suggestions for next year's council: Following the model of statewide, outgoing LAUC-SC Executive Council members shared ideas for making the work of the council effective and efficient. Suggestions included greater use of project management tools to track progress and manage documentation, a reminder to act quickly on requests from statewide,  work with Library Administration staff (Suzanne) for catering events, include incoming chairs in the recruitment and nomination of LAUC executives.
- Suggestions for future potential projects: 
Explore models for engaging participation in local LAUC division. 
Draft a white paper that could be used in the recruitment for the new University Librarian. Such a document would describe the virtues of the library and its potential and promise. It would be a tool of advocacy, highlighting the library's strengths. 
Because changes in LAUC statewide bylaws make a local revision necessary use the opportunity to institute standing rules that will govern the basic work of, for example, officers. Standing rules can be modified much more easily than bylaws making the institution more flexible and responsive to change.
Minutes by Frank Gravier