LAUC SC Executive Board Minutes 1-13-11

LAUC Executive Meeting

13 Jan. 2011

Present: Nicole Lawson, Kerry Scott, Frank Gravier, Annette Marines, Sarah Troy, Nicholas Meriwether, Greg Careaga.

1. Announcements (Nicole Lawson): All staff are encouraged to attend training offered on how to handle potentially violent situations, given the recent scare.

2. Approval of Minutes: Minutes  from 8 Dec. 2010 meeting approved; Nicole noted that the new protocol of recordings meetings has already been shown to be helpful.

3. Changes to Bylaws (Nicole Lawson): At the General Meeting, the proposal to add the previous Chair to the Executive Board was introduced; Nicole created a page on SurveyMonkey to record the vote, but only 16 votes. Nicole checked bylaws and Sturgis on what percentage of the membership was necessary to pass an amendment; bylaws seem to indicate that it is a majority vote of the entire membership, but in discussion, the notion of a quorum seems more appropriate, although how to define quorum is also problematic. CAPA may be a useful model for voting timelines in these situations. Unclear structural aspects result in more work for the Chair, with some situations covered under bylaws, some under job duties, and date back to 2006 or before. Consensus emerges that there should be an Executive Board timeline, with Nicole to check LAUC constitution and investigate.

4. Next Gen Tech Services Report (Nicole Lawson): Phase II recommendations released right before break. Part of recent LAUC conference call discussed this, and local LAUCs were asked for feedback, particularly as they pertain to what job descriptions might change and what role LAUC can/may play. A central concern is how librarian work may be shifted to non-librarians, but the conference call also raised issue of the shared approval plan: how it could be implemented, whether the varied campus contexts means that it may be difficult to implement or unfeasible; but in general, some aspects seem to be directions that UCSC has been moving toward anyway.

5. CWC Update (Annette Marines):  Next meeting is February; heard only one announcement, a welcome for new Student Resource Center director.

6. Chair’s Report (Nicole Lawson): See LAUC conference call above. Also, in the regular monthly meeting with UL Steel, they discussed the UL’s distinguished step task force, which has sent their report to the ULs. Ginny has not been able to review it yet but will do so before the next UL conference call, scheduled for the end of the month. As of the LAUC conference call, no one else had seen the recommendations either. A question was raised about redistribution of R&PD funds, and whether this was possible this year; ideally, Ginny would like to do so, but this is not certain given the budget situation and a new governor. People should continue to submit receipts and it is to be hoped that small overages will not pose a problem; it is at Ginny’s discretion. The next General Membership meeting is Mar. 10, followed by the Executive Board meeting Mar. 11, at UC Santa Barbara; the focus is on Next Generation Librarianship and they are soliciting ideas from the membership about what they wish to see. Possible speakers include Dan Greenstein and Gene Lucas to talk about the various reviews and task forces, and Bruce Miller and Brian Shotlander to talk about Phase 2 reports of the Next Generation Technical Services. LAUC is looking for guidance on what issues should be addressed, which generated discussion on past meetings and the what would be most effective.  Nicole will ensure that local LAUC concerns are heard.

7. Committee on Libraries (Nicole Lawson): First meeting of the year is scheduled for Jan. 18. In the past, meetings were held twice a month, but no meetings were held last quarter. Leanna Thompson is handling contacts and minutes.

8. LAUC Travel Awards (Nicole Lawson): The call has been sent out; anyone with under five years’ experience is encouraged to apply.

9. Vice Chair’s Report (Annette Marines): Ken Lyons and Christie Hightower and Annette met in December; will meet again soon in order to address the mini-grants, which are due Jan. 12 locally, statewide by Jan 21; question is whether we can extend the deadline; actual deadline to LAUC is Feb. 1, which also has been extended in the past. Next meeting has not yet been set.

10. CAPA Chair's Report (Greg Careaga): No report. Nicole noted that AUL Kate McGirr wants to schedule a brown bag on secondary supervisors and changes in that role in February, date to be determined.

11. General Committee Chair's Report (Kerry Scott): No report.

12. Secretary’s Report (Nicholas Meriwether): No report.