Guidelines for Use of LAUC-SC Research & Professional Development Funds

LAUC-SC R & PD Funds Guidelines


Every fiscal year R&PD funds are available for each librarian. Librarians may use their funds for registration and travel expenses to attend meetings or for expenses related to other research activity. Typical expenses for research activity could be travel, supplies, and computer expenses.

LAUC/SC Review Procedures

1. Meetings

Requests for funds to support attendance at conferences and other meetings are generally not evaluated by LAUC but are approved as long as a librarian's funds are available, and the request has the approval of the librarian's section head. Evaluation of the appropriateness of the meetings to the librarian's career are left to the review process. So, the local R&PD chair simply signs off on such requests. At the chair's discretion, the whole committee may review requests that seem unusual.

2. Other Research

All requests for funding for research projects will be reviewed by the LAUC/SC R&PD Committee, which consists of the Vice Chair, the LAUC representative to the University-wide R&PD Committee, and one other member appointed by the Executive Council. The committee will recommend to the University Librarian whether they support funding for the project, and the University Librarian will make the final decision.

Suggested Model for Research Proposals

A research proposal may include as appropriate:

1. Title or descriptive phrase
2. Scope of the project, statement of need for research
3. Methodology
4. Itemized budget
5. Projected timetable
6. Request for leave with pay
7. Additional sources of support
8. End results expected, e.g., report, article, book
9. Other supporting documentation


Successful applicants will submit a written final report within 90 days after completion of the project to the LAUC/SC Vice Chair. A concise narrative report of progress and a budget statement will be submitted yearly until the project is completed.

Approved 5/3/01 Updated May 16, 2001