Federal Laws and Regulations


US Code (USC):

FDSys (public access)

LexisNexis Academic (requires UCSC or OCA access)


US Statutes at Large:

v.1 (1789)- v.44 (1927)
Early US Statutes at Large; full-text from the University of Cincinnati

v.50 (1937)- most recent received:
In print or microform at McHenry library:
---Statutes at Large: v.50 (1937) - v.88 (1974)
---US Code Congressional and Administrative News: v.89 (1975) to most recent received

v.65 (1951) - v.115 (2002)
FDsys Statutes at Large collection

v.87 (1973) - current
THOMAS: full-text of the enrolled bills by Public Law number. See "Congressional Actions" for relevant dates, votes, and reports (linked when available)

v.101 (1987) - current (Requires UCSC or OCA access).
ProQuest Congressional: Full text of for 100th (1987) congress to current. Includes annotations to USC, Bills, Reports, Hearings, and Congressional Record.

v.109 (1995) - current
FDsys: Public and Private Laws collection


Signing Statements & Bills:

The American Presidency Project
Full-text of signing statements from 1929 to current. Signing statements are assembled from the Daily Compilation of Presidential Documents, the Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents, and the Public Papers of the President. From UC Santa Barbara.

Full text bills: 101st congress to current year


Regulations & Administrative Decisions:

Code of Federal Regulations

LexisNexis Academic (Requires UCSC or OCA access)
CFR with annotations and Federal Register for 1980 to current.

Federal Register
---The Federal Register: What it is and how to use it

Includes regulations open for public comment, final regulations, and non-rulemaking documents

Administrative Decisions & Other Actions
From the Univ. of Virginia; links to administrative decisions by agency/subject


Constitutional Law:

Constitution of the United States

Guide to Law Online: US Constitution
Includes historical texts: Articles of Confederation, Declaration of Independence, etc.; from the Library of Congress

Charters of Freedom
Includes images of the US Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence; from the National Archives

LexisNexis Academic
US Constitution annotated with case notes, histories, etc. (Requires UCSC or OCA access.)


Federal Court Decisions:

See: Find a Court Case