More Information About ARTstor

 ARTstor on YouTube, ARTstor Blog, and More:

ARTstor in 3 Minutes: Introducing the New ARTstor briefly walks users through the new look and feel of the ARTstor Digital Library. 

ARTstor in 3 Minutes: Register for an ARTstor Account guides users through the account creation process and explains the benefits of ARTstor registered accounts.

ARTstor in 3 Minutes: Download Images to PowerPoint describes the steps required to download images and image details from ARTstor and add them to a PowerPoint presentation file.

ARTstor in 3 minutes: Making an Image Group leads users through the steps to save individual images to groups in the Digital Library.

The ARTstor blog, contains the full text of all current and archived announcements. 

Visual resources curators at several UC campuses are working to make digital images available across all the UC campuses. Since 2008, ARTstor users at UC Santa Cruz can access not only the UCSC Instructional Collection and the History of Costume set, but also:

  • UC Berkeley's Visual Resources Collection (33,700 images of art and architecture), from the History of Art Visual Resources Collection and the College of Environmental Design Visual Resource Center
  • UC Santa Barbara's Visual Resources Collection (501 images)
  • The Saskia Art and Architecture Collection (over 26,000 core art history images on Western European civilization), licensed by California Digital Library (CDL), which was formerly delivered through the Luna Insight software.