Article Databases and Research Tools

  • Early English Books Online (EEBO)

    Full text, digital images of every book printed in England, Scotland, and Ireland, and every book in the English language printed abroad, from 1475 to 1700.
    Covers: 1475-1700.
  • Early English Prose Fiction 1500-1700

    Full text by key writers of more than 200 works from the period 1500-1700  
  • Earthquake Engineering Abstracts (EEA)

    Earthquake engineering and earthquake hazard mitigation.
    Covers: 1971 - present
  • eBooks on Ebsco Host

    Full-text digital electronic book site. Contains many academic and University of California Press ebook titles. (Formerly known as NetLibrary.) NOTE: Safari browser recommended for Mac users.
  • ebrary

    Searchable electronic book site. Includes university press titles. Can read online, requires free "ebrary Reader" software installation on workstation to print selected pages.
  • EBSCO Databases List

    List of all EBSCO databases currently available to the University of California, Santa Cruz.  Includes descriptions and links to each.
  • EconLit

    Citations with some abstracts of literature in economics from journals, essays, proceedings, books, book reviews, dissertations, and working papers.
    Covers: 1969-present.
  • Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) Profiles and Reports

    Full-text of country profiles provide analysis and forecasts of the political, economic, social, and business environment about more than 180 countries. Note: Library subscription includes Country Reports, Country Commerce, and Country Finance.
    Covers: 1996 - present.
  • Editions and Adaptations of Shakespeare 1591-1911

    Eleven major editions from the First Folio to the Cambridge edition of 1863-6, twenty-four separate contemporary printings of individual plays, selected apocrypha and related works and more than one hundred adaptations, sequels and burlesques from the seventeenth, eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.
  • Education Full Text

    Database of citations, abstracts and full text for journal articles and books in education.
    Covers: 1983 - present.
  • Education in Video

    Online collection of streaming video developed specifically for training and developing teachers. Includes teaching demonstrations, lectures, documentaries, and primary-source footage of students and teachers in actual classrooms.
    Alexander Street Press
  • Education Index Retrospective

    Searchable database of article citations on education. Publisher is Wilson.
    Covers: 1929-1983.
  • Education Source

    Covers all levels of education—from early childhood to higher education—as well as all educational specialties, such as multilingual education, health education and testing.  Full text and abstracts for journals, books and conference papers.
  • Education: A SAGE Full-Text Collection

    Full-text of 30+ electronic journals focusing on the topic of education.
    Coverage varies depending on journal title.
  • EENews

    E&E News is composed of four daily publications that track energy, environmental and climate policy. Publications include GreenWire, Climatewire, E&E Daily, E&E DailyPM, LandLetter and reports.
  • eHRAF World Cultures

    eHRAF World Cultures is a cross-cultural database that contains information on all aspects of cultural and social life. The annually-growing eHRAF database is unique in that the information is organized into cultures and ethnic groups and the full-text sources are subject-indexed at the paragraph level.
    Historical to present.
  • Eighteenth Century Collections Online (ECCO)

    Digitally scanned full-text of every significant English-language and foreign-language title printed in Great Britain during the eighteenth century, along with important works from the Americas.
  • Eighteenth-Century Fiction

    Full-text of 96 works in English prose by writers from the British Isles. Includes scanned versions of Sterne's Tristram Shandy, Richardson's Clarissa and Pamela, and of Swift's Gulliver's Travels.
    Covers: 1700-1780.
  • EIS - Digests of Environmental Impact Statements

    Searchable database of detailed abstracts of all environmental impact statements issued by the US government. Each entry includes a description of the project, sections on positive impact and negative consequences, and legal mandates.
    Covers: 1985 - current.
  • Empire Online

    Digitized original documents relating to Empire Studies from 1492 - 2007. Images of the texts without transcriptions. Includes thematic essays by leading scholars in the field of Empire Studies.
    Covers: 1492-present.
  • Encyclopaedia Judaica

    2nd Ed. (2007).  Provides an exhaustive and organized overview of Jewish life and knowledge from the Second Temple period to the contemporary State of Israel, from Rabbinic to modern Yiddish literature, from Kabbalah to "Americana" and from Zionism to the contribution of Jews to world cultures.
  • Encyclopedia of Astronomy and Astrophysics

    Full text of over 2,750 articles with links to the primary literature. Frequently updated with new material.
  • Encyclopedia of Bioethics

  • Encyclopedia of Environmental Microbiology

    The searchable version of Wiley's 6-volume reference work which covers all aspects and fields of environmental microbiology from aquatic microbiology to biofilms and biodegradation and environmental biotechnology, to public health and water treatment microbiology. See also the print version in the S&E Library Reference section: QR100.B58 2002
  • Encyclopedia of Gender and Society

    basic aspects of social life from the most individual (self and identity) to the most global (transnational economics and politics).
  • Encyclopedia of Inland Waters

    This encyclopedia provides a comprehensive resource on the essence, complexity, diversity and importance of the inland waters (lakes, ponds, rivers, streams and wetlands) of the Earth. Generous Gift of donors to the Buy-A-Book Program.
  • Encyclopedia of Islam

    Comprehensive coverage of Islam and of Muslim minorities all over the world, historical through present day.  Online version of the entire print text of volumes I to XI and Supplement (Volume XII).  Includes 2nd and 3rd editions, plus Encyclopaedia of the Qurʾān and Encyclopedia of Women & Islamic Cultures.
  • Encyclopedia of Life Sciences

    This is a good place to get oriented to biology topics that are new to you, or to get an overview of a multidisciplinary subject.
  • Encyclopedia of marine mammals, 2nd edition

    IN PRINT ONLY: S&E Library Reference QL713.2 .E63 2009   New articles have been added to the second edition to cover new developments in marine mammal science, such as those related to climate change and the interface of ecology and conservation, as well as those established topics not fully explored in the first edition. The text has been further improved by reorganization and by the division and fusion of articles for which the material has either grown or was previously split among several diverse articles. 
  • Encyclopedia of Measurement and Statistics.

    Information and ready-to-use facts from the fields of measurement and statistics. Specifically designed to appeal to beginning and intermediate-level students, practitioners, researchers, and consumers of information.
  • Encyclopedia of ocean sciences

    Editor in chief, John H. Steele, Karl K. Turekian, and Steve A. Thorpe Amsterdam : Elsevier ScienceDirect, c2008 
  • Encyclopedia of paleoclimatology and ancient environments

    Edited by Vivien Gornitz Dordrecht, Netherlands : Springer, c2009 
  • Encyclopedia of Philosophy. 2nd ed.

    substantive articles by talented scholars exploring the full spectrum of philosophical topics
  • Encyclopedia of Physical Science and Technology

    University and professional level compendium of chemistry, physics, molecular biology, mathematics, and engineering.
  • Encyclopedia of statistical sciences

    includes the full text of the second print edition, the entire original edition, plus supplements and updates all rolled into one fully searchable site.
  • Encyclopedia of Taiwan (Taiwan wen xian cong kan台湾文献丛刊)

    Includes local histories, official documents of the Ming and Qing Dynasties as well as Nan-Ming; covers information from the Tang Dynasty to the Japanese occupation period.  In Chinese.
  • Encyclopedia of the Antarctic

    Macintosh users: Best viewed via the Safari browser.
  • Encyclopedia of the Quran

    The Encyclopedia of the Qu'ran includes a dictionary of qur'anic terms, concepts, personalities, place names, cultural history and exegesis extended with essays on themes and subjects within qur'anic studies.
  • Encyclopedia of Women & Islamic Cultures

    Essays on women, Muslim and non-Muslim and Islamic cultures in every region where there have been significant Muslim populations from the period just before the rise of Islam to the present.
  • EndNote Basic Login

    Web-based citation management software for storing references and formatting bibliographies. Features are similar to the desktop EndNote. Available to UC students, faculty and staff for free. Formerly called EndNote Web.  If you encounter problems with EndNote Basic and the library’s databases you can get help at
  • Energy Citations Database

    Includes scientific and technical research results in disciplines of interest to DOE such as chemistry, physics, materials, environmental science, geology, engineering, mathematics, climatology, oceanography, computer science and related disciplines. It includes bibliographic citations to report literature, conference papers, journal articles, books, dissertations, and patents. *Note: free public access available at
    Covers: 1948 - present
  • English Drama 1280-1915

    Full-text searchable, browsable database of 4000 plays by 1200 authors.
    Covers: 1280-1915.
  • English Poetry 600-1900

    The complete English poetic canon from the 8th century through the 19th. Full-text of over 160,000 poems by more than 1250 poets.
    Covers: 600-1900.
  • English Short Title Catalog

    Describes works printed in England from 1473-1800, searchable.
    Covers: 1473-1800
  • ENGnetBASE: Engineering Handbooks Online

    The complete text of over 149 engineering handbooks from CRC Press, many of which contain substantial tables of data. Each chapter is a pdf file and is full-text searchable. Sample titles include: Handbook of Formulas and Tables for Signal Processing. Mac users: Best viewed using the Safari browser. 
  • EnviroFacts Data Warehouse

    This website provides access to several EPA databases to provide you with information about environmental activities that may affect air, water, and land anywhere in the United States. With Envirofacts, you can learn more about these environmental activities in your area or you can generate maps of environmental information.
  • ENVIROnetBASE: Environmental Handbooks Online

    Searchable database of handbooks and texts in environmental sciences.
  • Environmental Impact Statements

    Presenting the key issues from complex government-released environmental impact statements, converting massive documents into concise, readable abstracts. (Bimonthly. 450 abstracts/year)
    Covers: 1985-Current
  • Environmental Working Group EWG

    Non-profit organization provides investigative reports, detailed analysis, and free databases on issues including agriculture and public lands as well as toxics and pesticides in food, water, the environment ad people.
  • ERIC Database (Educational Resources Information Center)

    Citations and abstracts of papers, articles, books, and government publications on education.
    Covers: 1966 - present.
  • eScholarship Repository from the California Digital Library

    Database of working papers, pre-publication scholarship, and electronic texts by faculty in UC research units, centers, and academic departments.
  • Ethnic NewsWatch

    Full-text newspaper and journal articles focusing on news, culture and history from the ethnic, minority and native press.  Available in English or Spanish. Includes Ethnic NewsWatch: A History
    1990 - present
  • Ethnographic Video Online

    Ethnographic Video Online provides the largest, most comprehensive resource for the study of human culture and behavior – more than 750 hours and 1,000 films at completion. The collection covers every region of the world and features the work of many of the most influential documentary filmmakers of the 20th century, including interviews, previously unreleased raw footage, field notes, study guides, and more.
    Alexander Street Press
  • Ethnologue

    The bibliography includes more than 25,000 citations spanning 75 years of SIL International's language research in over 2,700 languages.  The site also provides computer resources including an extensive library for language researchers.
  • Europa World Plus

    Online full-text version of the Europa World Year Book and the  Regional Surveys of the World series. Covers political and economic information in more than 250 countries and territories.
  • Evans Digital Edition: Early American Imprints, Series I

    Database of digitized images of primary documents from American history. Subjects include agriculture, foreign affairs, literature, music, religion, the Revolutionary War, temperance, and witchcraft.
    Covers: 1639-1800
  • Everyday Life and Women in America

    Primary source material comprised of thousands of images (alongside transcriptions) of monographs, pamphlets, periodicals and broadsides addressing 19th and early 20th century political, social and gender issues, religion, race, education, employment, marriage, sexuality, home and family life, health, and pastimes.
  • F1000 Posters

    An open respository for peer-reviewed posters in biology and medicine. In addition to the value of the data in the posters, its a good place to see a lot of examples to get inspiration if you are creating a poster yourself.
  • Factiva

    Worldwide full-text coverage of local and regional newspapers, trade publications, business news wires, press release wires, media transcripts, news photos, business-rich Web sites, investment analyst reports, market research reports, country and regional profiles, company profiles,and historical market data.
  • Faculty of 1000

    Unique literature awareness tool. Highly selective and highly subjective database of the "best" articles in biology and medicine selected and reviewed by top researchers. You can search for specific articles or topics, or browse various Top 10 lists. Register for alerts to have articles of interest emailed to you. 
    Covers: 1990's - present
  • FDSYS (formerly GPO Access)

    GPO’s Federal Digital System (FDsys) provides full-text government information available from Federal agencies, the Executive branch, Congress, and the Judicial branch. Includes the Federal Register, Code of Federal Regulations, Congressional Record, as well as Congressional hearings, reports and bills, the U.S. Code and Supreme Court decisions.  *Note: For general public access go to
    Most databases date back to 1994.
  • FIAF International Filmarchive Database

    The main database, the International Index to Film Periodicals contains over 500,000 article citations from more than 345 periodicals. It offers in-depth coverage of the world's foremost academic and popular film journals. Each entry consists of a full bibliographic description, an abstract and comprehensive headings (biographical names, film titles and general subjects). It is also the only database offering film periodical indexing using a hierarchically ordered controlled thesaurus with more than 20,000 subject terms. The index contains comprehensive television periodical indexing until 2000 and TV related articles from film periodicals continue to be indexed. FIAF includes additional databases.
  • Film Indexes Online, AFI-FII combined search

    Film Indexes Online covers both the FII and AFI, which include film synopses, credits, a bibliography of sources specific to each film, and biographical information
    1893 to present
  • Film Literature Index

    Citations to articles on film, television and video articles, reviews and book reviews from 1976-2001.  
    Covers: 1976-2001.
  • Filmakers Library Online

    Online video collection of award-winning documentaries with relevance across the curriculum—race and gender studies, human rights, globalization and global studies, multiculturalism, international relations, criminal justice, the environment, bioethics, health, political science and current events, psychology, arts, literature, and more. It presents points of view and historical and current experiences from diverse cultures and traditions world-wide.
    Alexander Street Press
  • FirstSearch (OCLC)

    Databases available through the OCLC FirstSearch system: WorldCat, ArticleFirst, ERIC, GPO Monthly Catalog (government publications), NetFirst, OCLC Union Lists of Periodicals, PapersFirst, and Proceedings.
  • Food Chemical News (FCN)

    Searchable database of publications in food chemicals and related regulations.
  • FORENSICSnetBASE: Forensic Handbooks Online

    Searchable database of handbooks in forensics and criminal investigation.

    Citations to works on religion, the history of art, social sciences, economics, and literature. Searchable in French and English. Abstracts are in the same language as the cited resource.  
    Covers: 1984 - present.
  • Gale Encyclopedia of Neurological Disorders

  • Gale Literary Index

    Online version of the Contemporary Authors Cumulative Index to the print Gale literary series.
  • Gale Virtual Reference Library

    Complete full text of database of encyclopedias, almanacs, and specialized reference sources for multidisciplinary research. Search across a dozens of encyclopedias and reference works covering a wide range of subjects. 
  • Garland Encyclopedia of World Music Online

    Comprehensive music research of all the world's peoples. Contains the full text of the 10-volume print encyclopedia. Each volume covers a geographic region, a survey of its musical heritage, and a description of specific musical genres, practices, and performances. Articles include photographs of musicians, musical instruments, and the cultural context of dances, rituals, and ceremonies. Also includes drawings, maps, and musical examples.
    Originally published in 1997.
  • Gender and Women's Leadership

    Reference resource on leadership issues specific to women and gender. It covers historical and contemporary barriers to women's leadership and issues of gender bias and discrimination, but also places a strong focus on positive aspects and opportunities for leadership in various domains.
  • GenderWatch

    Full-text database focusing on focus on the impact of gender, men, and women across disciplines. From scholarly journals, magazines, newspapers, newsletters, pamphlets, conference proceedings, and government reports.
    Coverage varies, 1970 - present.
  • GeoRef

    Describes materials in geology and geophysics, in particular: energy sources, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, groundwater pollution, erosion, nuclear reactor sites, the structure of the earth, and geostatistics. Includes abstracts.
    Covers: 1669 - present
  • Global Financial Data (GFD)

    Collection of current and historical financial and economic data covering more than 200 countries extending back to 1265 depending on data series. Includes Eurostat and WorldBank data, and aggregate stock market performance.  Does NOT include Real Estate or the U.S. or UK Stock Market Database (currently listed stocks back to 1990).
    1265 - present
  • Godey's Ladys Book

    Contains the full text of the nineteenth century magazine. The publication was intended to entertain, inform, and educate the women of America. In addition to extensive fashion descriptions and plates, the early issues included biographical sketches, articles about handcrafts, female costume, the dance, equestrienne procedures, health & hygiene for ladies, recipes & remedies, etc.
    Covers 1830 -1845, Accessible Archives plans to digitize issues through 1880.
  • Google Patent Search

     Google Patent Search covers the entire collection of issued patents and millions of patent applications made available by the United States Patent and Trademark Office from patents issued in the 1790s through those most recently issued in the past few months.  International patents are not included here. *Note:  free public access available at
  • Google Scholar

    Large multidisciplinary search engine with results ranking and previews. Google Scholar indexes scholarly literature including journal articles. *Note:  free public access available at
  • GREENR (Global Reference on the Environment, Energy, and Natural Resources)

    An online resource that offers authoritative content on the development of emerging green technologies and discusses issues on the environment, sustainability and more. GREENR is a Gale / Cengage Learning product.  
  • Grove Dictionary of Music & Musicians

    Full-text of the New Grove Dictionary of Music & Musicians 2nd edition.  Contains: biographies of composers, performers, and writers; articles on styles, terms, and genres of music; information about regions, countries, and cities; articles on instruments and their performance practice; articles on popular music and jazz; information on musical concepts and notation.
  • Gu jin tu shu ji cheng (古今圖書集成)

    Full-text and scanned images of complete Classics Collection of Ancient China from ancient China to Qing Dynasty.  In Chinese.  Covers astronomy, geography, history, philosophy, literature, politics, economics, art, education, agriculture, medicine, and more. 
  • Guide to Available Mathematical Software (from NIST)

    mathematical and statistical software components of use in computational science and engineering.
  • Handbook of Feminist Family Studies

    Presents the important theories, methodologies, and practices in feminist family studies.
  • Handbook of Latin American Studies (HLAS)

    The Handbook is a selective annotated bibliography of scholarly works on Latin America. Edited by the Hispanic Division of the Library of Congress, the multidisciplinary Handbook alternates annually between the social sciences and the humanities
    Covers: 1935 - present
  • Handbooks in Economics

    Reference handbooks on various branches of economics, providing a survey of the current issues by leading specialists in the field.
  • HAPI Online (Hispanic American Periodicals Index)

    Database of citations to articles and documents covering Central and South America, Latin America, Mexico, the Caribbean, U.S.-Mexico border region, and Hispanics in the United States.
    Covers: 1970 - present
  • HarpWeek

    Full-image reproductions of Harper's Weekly from 1857-1912, one of the most important weekly magazines read by Americans during the 19th century.
    Covers: 1857-1912.
  • Hathi Trust via Shibboleth (requires UCSC gold password)

      1. Go to Hathi Trust via Shibboleth 2. Select institution: University of California, Santa Cruz 3. Click on Login 4. Use your CruzID Gold password to sign on
  • Hazardous Material Control & Management/Hazardous Material Information System(HMC&M/HMIS)

    The HMC&M/HMIS disc provides access to: The hazardous material information system (DOD repository for material safety data sheet information; the Ships hazardous materials list; the Hazardous materials users guide.
    Updated annually
  • Health Sciences: A SAGE Full-Text Collection

    Searchable database of 30+ electronic journals focusing on the topic health sciences and nursing.
    Coverage varies depending on journal title.
  • HEASARC: High Energy Astrophysics Science Archive Research Center

    The High Energy Astrophysics Science Archive Research Center (HEASARC) is the primary archive for NASA missions dealing with extremely energetic phenomena, from black holes to the Big Bang. Having recently merged with the Legacy Archive for Microwave Background Data Analysis (LAMBDA), it includes data obtained by NASA's high-energy astronomy missions from the extreme ultraviolet through gamma-ray bands, along with missions that study the relic cosmic microwave background.
  • Highwire Press Journals

    Selected full-text journals from Highwire Press. Note: UCSC does not have subscriptions to all journals from HIghwire Press.
  • Hispanic American Newspapers, 1808-1980

    Full-text database of English and Spanish language newspapers printed in the U.S. during the 19th and 20th centuries.
    Covers: 1808-1980.
  • Historical Abstracts

    Citations and abstracts covering the history of the world (excluding the United States and Canada), indexing more than 2300 academic historical journals in over 40 languages back to 1955 
    15th century to present
  • Historical Statistics of the United States (Millennial Edition)

    Data on all aspects of American history from Colonial times - present. Divided into five sections: population, work and welfare, economic structure and performance, economic sectors, and governance and international relations.
    Colonial times - present
  • History of Science, Technology, and Medicine

    Contains information from the following print files: ISIS current bibliography of the history of science and its cultural influences, 1976- ; Current bibliography in the history of technology, 1987- ; and Bibliografia italiana di storia della scienza. Vendor is RLG/Eureka.
    Covers: 1975 - present
  • Homeland Security Digital Library (HSDL)

    Databases of official, unclassified U.S. Government policies or positions on homeland security strategy, policy and research documents published by federal, state and local government agencies, international governments and institutions, research institutions, universities, and think tanks. Includes news and reports, websites, and governmental and non-governmental databases. Source: Center for Homeland Defense and Security, Naval Postgraduate School
  • House of Commons Parliamentary Papers (HCPP)

    Full-text of British Parlimentary Papers, 19th Century.
    Covers: 1801-1900.
  • ICPSR (Interuniversity Consortium for Political and Social Research)

    Archive of detailed data sets in the social sciences. Covers: sociology, political science, criminology, history, education, demography, gerontology, international relations, public health, economics, and psychology. Some data files may require specialized software such as STATA, SPSS, SAS, etc., which are not provided by the library.
  • ICSD: Inorganic Crystal Structure Database

    Search inorganic structures, including elements, minerals, metals, and intermetallic compounds. Search by article citation information , chemical/mineral name, crystal system, space group, minimum distance, cell size/mass, and Pearson Symbol.
  • IEEE Xplore

    Full-text access to IEEE transactions, journals, magazines and conference proceedings published since 1988 and all current IEEE standards.
  • IMDB - The Internet Movie Database

    Provides information on films, including film plots and credits, box office information as well as promotional posters and trailers.
  • Index Islamicus

    Database indexes literature on Islam, the Middle East and the Muslim world. Includes journals articles, proceedings, monographs, book chapters, and book reviews.
  • Index to 19th Century American Art Periodicals

    Database indexes 42 art journals published in the US during the nineteenth century.  Includes information on popular culture and industry, artists and illustrators, painting, sculpture, drawing, photography, architecture and design, exhibitions and sales, decorations, and collecting.
    Covers: 1840 - 1907.
  • Infomine

    Large searchable database of academically valuable Web resources in the sciences, social sciences, arts, and humanities along with many instructional and reference tools.
  • InfoSECURITYnetBASE: Information Security Online

    Searchable database of handbooks in information and computer security.
  • Ingenta

    This journal publisher's Website contains the full-text of over 300 journals. Browseable by journal title and searchable by topic.
  • Inorganic Crystal Structure Database (ICSD)

    Search inorganic structures, including elements, minerals, metals, and intermetallic compounds. Search by article citation information , chemical/mineral name, crystal system, space group, minimum distance, cell size/mass, and Pearson Symbol.

    Index of citations for articles and conference papers on physics, electrical engineering, computers, and information technology. Contains abstracts.
    Covers: 1969 - present

    Database of over 400,000 high-energy physics related articles received by the CERN, DESY, Fermilab and SLAC libraries.
    Covers: 1974 - present
  • Institute of Physics (IOP) Electronic Journals

    Searchable database of full-text journals from the Institute of Physics.
    Covers: Articles published 1874-present.
  • Integrated Taxonomic Information System (ITIS)

    Authoritative taxonomic information on plants, animals, fungi and microbes of North America and the world.
  • International Classification of Diseases

    Compiled by the National Center for Health Statistics and the Health Care Financing Administration.
    Updated annually.
  • International dictionary of films and filmmakers

    Location: McH REF PN1997.8 I58
  • International encyclopedia of statistical science

  • International Index to Music Periodicals Full Text (1874 - current)

    Citations and abstracts for articles in peer-reviewed and other music periodicals. Subject Coverage: Music education, performance, ethnomusicology, musical theatre, theory, popular music forms and composition.
  • International Index to the Performing Arts Full Text (1864-current)

    Database of citations, abstracts and some full-text for articles in peer-reviewed journals and other performing arts periodicals.  Subject Coverage: Dance, film, television, drama, theater, stagecraft, musical theater, opera, performance art, entertainment industry, and more.
    Coverage varies; Some titles begin mid-1990s; Some, early 1900s.
  • International Music Score Library Project (IMSLP)

    Over 80,000 music scores and 1500 recordings (as of 2010) for public domain as well as some copyrighted material, available for downloading.
  • International Nuclear Information System (INIS Database)

    Database of citations to journal articles and grey literature with scientific and technical information on peaceful uses of atomic energy.
  • International Political Science Abstracts (IPSA)

    International Political Science Abstracts is published bimonthly by the International Political Science Association. It provides non-evaluative abstracts of articles in the field of political science published in journals and yearbooks all over the world.
  • International Statistical Yearbook (ISY)

    Consists of national and international economic databases from: Eurostat, OECD, IMF, UNIDO, Citicorp, Deutsche Bundesbank, Statistisches Bundesamt, and the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW).
  • ISEA International Archive

    ISEA is international nonprofit organization fostering interdisciplinary academic discourse and exchange among culturally diverse organizations and individuals working with art, science and technology. The main activity of ISEA International is the annual International Symposium on Electronic Art.
  • IT KnowledgeBase from Auerbach Publications

    Searchable publications and journals in the field of information technology. Part of the CRC Press suite.
  • Iter Italicum

    Database of uncatalogued or incompletely catalogued humanistic manuscripts from the Middle Ages through the Renaissance (400-1700).
  • ITER: Gateway to the Renaissance

    Citations for articles and reviews from journals covering the Middle Ages and the Renaissance (400-1700 AD).
    Covers articles written 1843-present.
  • IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

    The International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species™ provides taxonomic, conservation status and distribution information on plants and animals that have been globally evaluated.

    Older full-text articles from peer-reviewed journals.
    Coverage: Latest 3-7 years not available.
  • Keywords for American cultural studies

    A useful resource for American Studies students.
  • Kikuzo Visual II (Asahi Shimbun Co.)

    Newspaper database for Asahi shinbun 1945+. Also includes articles from the weekly magazines Aera and Shukan Asahi, and from the annual new-word dictionary Chiezo.Text is in Japanese.
    Covers 1945+
  • Kirk-Othmer Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology

    The Kirk-Othmer Encyclopedia features over 27,000 pages and 800 articles on chemistry and related fields; this 27-volume encyclopedia includes: CAS registry numbers, over 5,000 photos, charts, graphs, figures and tables, in-depth up to-date information on regulations, patents and licensing.
  • L'Annee Philologique

    Full-text of the L'Année Philologique (1924+), an annual index to scholarly work in Classical Studies from journal articles, books, and conferences.
    Covers: 1924-2007.
  • LandScan 2011 Global Population Database

    LandScan presents global population distribution data available and represents an ambient population (average over 24 hours). Uses spatial data and imagery analysis technologies and a multi-variable dasymetric modeling approach to disaggregate census counts within an administrative boundary. Models are tailored to match the data conditions and geographical nature of each individual country and region
  • Latin American Network Information Center (LANIC)

    Gateway for internet-based information to, from, or on Latin America. LANIC's editorially reviewed directories contain over 10,000 unique URLs, one of the largest guides for Latin American content on the Internet.
  • Latin American Women Writers

    Full-text of prose, poetry, essays, and drama composed by women writing in Mexico, Central America, and South America. In Spanish and Portuguese.
    Alexander Street Press
  • Latino Literature

    Searchable and browsable full text database of poetry, fiction, and drama written in English and Spanish by Chicano, Cuban, Puerto Rican, Dominican, and other Latin authors working in the United States. Also includes audio files of selected poems and plays.
    Alexander Street Press
  • Left Index

    Citations to magazine and newspaper articles from the diverse literature of the left.  tEmphasis on political, economic, social and culturally engaged scholarship.
    Covers 1982+ with some earlier coverage
  • LexisNexis Academic (Lexis Nexis Academic)

    News coverage in national and regional newspapers, wire services, broadcast transcripts, international news, and non-English language sources. Company information. Federal and states court cases back to 1789.
    Coverage varies
  • LGBT Life

    Database of article abstracts and reference works in the field of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender issues from academic journals, newsletters, magazines, and case studies.
    Coverage varies by publication, 1953-current.
  • Library Literature & Information Science Full Text

    Searchable database of LIS-related literature. Full-text coverage begins in 1994.
    Covers: 1984-current.
  • Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts LISTA

    LISTA indexes more than 560 core journals, nearly 50 priority journals, and nearly 125 selective journals; plus books, research reports and proceedings. Subject coverage includes librarianship, classification, cataloging, bibliometrics, online information retrieval, information management and more. Coverage in the database extends back as far as the mid-1960s. Available FREE to any library.
    Mid 1960's onward
  • Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts (LLBA)

    Database indexes articles and book chapters in linguistics and language sciences. Covers phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax and semantics.
    Covers: 1973 - present.
  • LION - Literature Online

    Full-text library of poetry, prose, drama, literary reference texts, and author biographies.
  • Literature Resource Center (LRC) from Gale

    Full-text of biographies, bibliographies, and literary criticism of authors from all time periods. Covers: Novelists, poets, essayists, journalists, and other writers.
    Covers: Antiquity-present.
  • Los Angeles Times (1881-1990)

    Database of digital full-text articles the Los Angeles Times (1881-1990) from Proquest.
    Covers: 1881-1990.
  • Los Angeles Times (1985-current)

    Digital full-text database of current Los Angeles Times articles (1985+) from Proquest.
    Covers: 1985 - current.
  • Magill's cinema annual

    Location: McH REF PN1993.3.M34 
    1982 to present
  • Magill's survey of cinema

    Locations: McH REF PN1993.45.M3; McH REF PN1993.45.M32; McH REF PN1993.45.M34 1985; McH REF PN1995.75.M33 1982
  • Making of the Modern World

    Digital facsimiles of literature on economics and business published from the last half of the 15th century to the mid-19th century. The collection contains materials on commerce, finance, social conditions, politics, trade and transport; documents the dynamics of Western trade and wealth. Formerly: Making of the Modern Economy
    Covers: 1450-1850