Research Tools and Databases in Film and Digital Media

The main database, the International Index to Film Periodicals contains over 500,000 article citations from more than 345 periodicals. It offers in-depth coverage of the world's foremost academic and popular film journals. Each entry consists of a full bibliographic description, an abstract and comprehensive headings (biographical names, film titles and general subjects). It is also the only database offering film periodical indexing using a hierarchically ordered controlled thesaurus with more than 20,000 subject terms. The index contains comprehensive television periodical indexing until 2000 and TV related articles from film periodicals continue to be indexed. FIAF includes additional databases.

1893 to present
Film Indexes Online covers both the FII and AFI, which include film synopses, credits, a bibliography of sources specific to each film, and biographical information
Covers: 1976-2001.

Citations to articles on film, television and video articles, reviews and book reviews from 1976-2001.