Student Voices: Three Decades Strong

Student Voices poster

Student Voices: Three Decades Strong
McHenry Library
University of California, Santa Cruz
Fall 1996


The exhibit celebrates thirty years of UCSC student expression and includes poster art, t-shirts, research papers, books, journals, arm bands, newspapers, and more.

We are proud to present "Student Voices: Three Decades Strong," an exhibit featuring the works of UCSC students. While compiling matrials for this exhibit, we defined "works" in as broad a manner as possible. Students have put a great effort into making this campus what it is today and those efforts can't always be tangibly measured. Consider those who volunteer to tutor kids in Beach Flats, those who mentor in Seaside, countless who tell stories carrying campus events around the globe.

History of Student Voices at UCSC

--Deborah Turner, Rob Guillen, Irene Reti

Apartheid poster
Student Teach In poster
Women's Rights poster
Rally for Choice poster