Putting Women at the Center

Putting Women at the Center poster

Putting Women at the Center: 25 Years of Women's Studies at UCSC
McHenry Library
University of California, Santa Cruz
Spring 2000

This exhibit followed the twenty-five years of Women's Studies at the University of California, Santa Cruz--from its beginnings as a student collective in 1974; through its first graduating class in 1975; the hiring of Bettina Aptheker as its first core faculty member in 1980; until 2000 when there are six full-time faculty, over 50 adjunct faculty, instructors, and a women's studies librarian. The numbers of WS majors, both men and women, have risen to over 200 at the present time, making the department one of the largest in the country.

Faculty publications, both core and adjunct, were highlighted, as well as photos of faculty, staff, students, and WS graduations, and past and present student theses. There was also a display of posters representing events sponsored and co-sponsored by Women's Studies.

Two projects housed in McHenry Library, Special Collections were displayed. One is the Asian Pacific Lesbian Collection donated by Alison Kim, 1989 UCSC Women's Studies graduate and consisting of books, articles, photos, newsletters. The other was the UC Women's Studies/History Consortia California Feminist Presses Project. UCSC Special Collections houses the archives of local presses, HerBooks and Papier-Mache Press, as well the early feminist press, Shameless Hussy, from Berkeley, begun by Alta in 1968. Books, manuscripts, mockups, photos, tee shirts are displayed.

Coordinated and set up by Sally Ann Rodriguez, 2000 UCSC Women's Studies graduate, Cristina Verduzco, UCSC Anthropology graduate, Jacquelyn Marie, Women's Studies Librarian, and Irene Reti, McHenry Library exhibits.