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Explore Our Collections
McHenry Library
University of California, Santa Cruz

Fall 1998

We put together an introduction to our library featuring an exhibit on book production, conservation and use. Some aspects of this exhibit included:

  • Book Repair
  • Book Binding
  • Book Handling
  • Enemies of books
  • Disaster preparedness
  • Paper-making
  • Handmade books
  • Early Printing
  • Special Formats
  • Gifts from Friends of the UCSC Library An extensive bibliography of titles was also put together for this exhibit. These titles were carefully selected by several staff members working together to target the subjects used and covered in the exhibit.

This exhibit was set up to increase awareness and instill pride in our libraries' collections. We hope you will gain:

  • An awareness of the variety of material available to you.
  • An idea of what the people who work here do.
  • Knowledge of specialized collections.
  • An appreciation for the value of books throughout time.
  • A sense of the number of people who use the library.
  • An understanding of the usefulness of the library to you.
  • An interest in the newest uses of technology in the library
  • An understanding that supporting the library is important.
  • The desire to care for and preserve material from the collection
  • Enthusiasm for programs put on at the library.

Items Displayed in Exhibit Cases

How Books are Beautified:

Video Recordings:

Paper Marbling Books


The University Library's collections are a critical campus resource. With over one and a quarter million items this is the largest library in the Monterey Bay Area. The first UCSC Library was opened in 1965 and located at Hahn Student Services with only 80,000 items. Following are current numbers of a few of our collections:

1,233,773 volumes
100 public computers
10,000 items sent to storage each year due to space limitations
41 public CRUZCAT terminals

Both University library staff and patrons play a role in preserving and developing the Library's collections. The Library team includes:
154 staff employees
23 UCSC Alumni
350 student employees
30 Librarians
When material is carefully preserved and protected in the library then its continued availability can be assured. There were:
40,000 items added in 1997
313,374 items checked out in 1997
8,000 items donated last year
Over 11,000 items bound last year .