Beauty of the Book

Beauty of the Book poster

Beauty of the Book    January 24- March 15, 2005

Installation by Wendy Lees McMullen

An exhibit of work by Hisako Nakazawa, book artist and conservator. Bridging traditional and innovative bookbinding, the show features Hisako's unique handmade books, fine bookbinding techniques, and painstaking book restoration.  Installation by Wendy Lees McMullen.  See additional exhibit images below.

1503 Hisako Nakazawa


Hisako Nakazawa Hisako Nakazawa Hisako Nakazawa




is a paper and book artist who works in McHenry Library's Special Collections as its paper and book conservator. Her background is in fine arts with an emphasis in sculpture at the Maryland Institute, College of Art and also in Tokyo.

1970-1974 New York:
Trained and worked with Ms. Carolyn Horton, and at same time worked at the New York Botanical Garden Library as a specialist in conservation.

-Restoration of Marcel Duchamp’s “Box in a Valise”
-Conservation of the four elephant folio of Audubon’s Bird of America for the American Museum of Natural History.

1975-1999 in Japan
Opened own studio at Takasaki City and practice
-Restored a temple document “Kako-Cho” (1711), and exhibited at the Guild’s 75th Anniversary Show in New York
-Exhibited a work of art for the International Exhibition of Art Bookbinding in Italy, 1998.

Moved to Santa Cruz and began working at UCSC McHenry Library
-Annual Members’ Exhibition at SF Public Library
-“L’EXPOSITION” RELIURES DE WASHI at The Tokyo Bookbinding Club

The Hand Bookbinders of California
Guild of Bookworkers
The Tokyo bookbinding Club in Japan

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"Letter from a Bug" (A book of a bug -- A book of holes -- A book of butterfly) is available for viewing in the Library's Special Collections.

A Letter from a Bug (closed)
A Letter from a Bug (opened)
A Book of a Bug
A Book of Holes
A Book of a Butterfly
Frank Morrison Pixley of the Argonaut
The Four Seasons (restoration)
Endless H and I
Endless S (Seseragi)
Endless A (Ama no Gawa)
Endless K (Ayatori)