A Literary Bedouin: the Work of Nathaniel Mackey

Nathaniel Mackey photo

A Literary Bedouin: the Work of Nathaniel Mackey
McHenry Library
University of California, Santa Cruz
Spring 1998

This exhibit featured the poetry, novels, and critical work of African-American poet, novelist, critic, editor, and UCSC professor of literature, Nathaniel Mackey. Mackey's writing is influenced by North American, African, Caribbean, and Latin American traditions. As critic Christopher Funkhouser has written, "Mackey's books are maps of a large region. In them, he transverses grounds of literal and figurative forests, fields, and sands he knows well . . . Those familiar with Mackey's work already know its particular and special place in literature of North America today. Defiant of any simple categorization, his vision is a hybrid of living ethnopoetics and musical and spiritual influences which are deeply rooted in a beleaguered but surviving African continent." Included in the exhibit are rare letterpress broadsides of Mackey's poetry, manuscripts, and a spotlight on Mackey's small press journal, Hambone.

Photo by Paul Schraub

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