Equipment for Librarian Use











The equipment mentioned herein was purhcased with local LAUC funds. The equipment is intended for professional use by LAUC members. For question about the equipment or equipment use please contact the current LAUC SC chair.

The following equipment is available:

  • 1 iPad/power adaptor/logitech keyboard - Available for check out at McHenry (Title: Apple iPad 2 for LAUC
  • 1 Macbook/mouse/power adaptor/combination lock* - Available for check out at S&E
  • 2 Netbooks (Acer)/mouse/power adaptor/combination lock* - Available for check out at McHenry & S&E
  • 1 PC laptop/mouse/power adaptor/combination lock* - Available for check out at McHenry
  • For combination, contact Sarah Troy.

To checkout equipment:

As noted above, items are available at specific library circ desks. Call the circ desk ahead of time to ensure item is available (circ records are suppressed in CRUZCAT). Check out dates are consist with the patron/card expiration date as due date.

To reserve equipment:

Plan ahead if you would like to use the tech equipment for travel. If available, you may check out the item until you need it for your event. If the item is already checked out, contact the circulation desk to obtain the name of the librarian who is borrowing it. Please negotiate with borrower regarding need and access.   

Priority: Note that technology is available on a first come, first served basis. Priority is given to off site conferences travel over on site meetings. Since LAUC funds were used to purchase equipment, LAUC members have priority.

Best practices:

  • Use locks and protective carriers, as equipment is not insured
  • Return equipment fully charged
  • Remove any personal documents before returning equipment
  • Remove any software you may have installed during checkout before returning equipment

To report problems:

  • Netbooks are not supported by Central ITS. Local ITS will be responsible for assisting with any problems. We can create a help ticket ( or help@ucsc) for any problems that arise, with the understanding that maintaining these machines are a low priority for Local ITS.


  • Netbooks include Opera Browser and Skype VOIP client


updated 11/15/12 by lauc chair