Rachel Deblinger, Director, Digital Scholarship Commons

Rachel is trained as a Jewish Historian and her research explores Holocaust memory and American Jewish philanthropy. She is the author of Memories/Motifs, an online exhibit built in Scalar, that invites visitors to read, hear, and see Holocaust survivor narratives from the early post war period.

Consultation Areas & Interests: Getting started with Digital Humanities, Digital Exhibit Building, Digital Research Methods, Personal Archives & Research Databases, Alt/Ac, Online Publishing, and Public Scholarship


Digital Initiatives Team

Susan Perry, Head of Digital Initiatives

Consultation Areas & Interests: Data Management & Preservation, Omeka, Digital Research Methods, Digitization


Scott Campbell

Consultation Areas & Interests: Film & Video Digitization, Audio Digitization, Multimedia Hardware, Project Management and Workflows

Angelika Frebert, Digital Imaging Specialist

Angelika earned her degree in photography in Munich, Germany. Her focus at UCSC Library has become the digitization of photographic material ranging from unique items to large collections. She has been the lead on digitizing projects for the Grateful Dead Archive Online, as well as UCSC Library Digital Collections.

Consultation Areas & Interests: Photography, Digitization of Photographic Material, Digital Image Processing, Project Management and Workflows

Ned Henry

Ned's background in experimental physics gives him engineering and data science perspectives on his work in library technology. Ned works with programmers around the country to develop open source library web applications to connect and showcase the richly structured multimedia content in our growing digital collections.

Consultation & Interests:  Web Development, Programming for Open Source Applications, PHP, Ruby/Rails, Online Media, Omeka Development, Avalon Media System, Hydra

Ann Hubble

Consultation Areas & Interests: Data Management & Preservation, Omeka, Neatline

Jess Waggoner

Consultation Areas & Interests: Omeka, Digital Exhibit Building, Usability and User Experience