Update of Technical Services Activities, July 2010-Dec. 2011

Major Staff Assignment Changes (Shifts in job responsibilities and extensive cross-training happened continuously):

  • Teri French retired in May 2011. 
  • Nadine Maguire retired in June 2011.
  • Tung-Yi Kimura resigned in October 2010. 
  • Tasha Keagan became Project lead in July 2010 and then resigned in October 2011 to work in the Library IT Department. 
  • Varvara Paizis became supervisor of Mordechai Shapiro.
  • Mordechai greatly expanded his areas of responsibities from cataloging to monitoring Request Tracker requests and offering Help Desk support to users and publishers and to learn how to do batch record management.  He is learning how to assign LC call number and subject headings to cataloging copies missing those data. 
  • Lisa Wong assumed serials copy cataloging and problem solving.
  • Mike and Lisa were trained to place orders.
  • Kelly was trained to place replacement orders.
  • Yi-Yen continued the original cataloging of monographs in all formats, coordinated the new shelf ready services (including OCLC record batch loadings, create and review the problem matching record reports, statistics counts). She became in charge of the unit's end processing procedures including labeling. She also supervised and coordinated work flow for two students in Technical Services. 

Major Accomplishments:

  • Procedure for routine updating of item price in Cruzcat was established.
  • Use of WorldCat Cataloging Partners (PromptCat) for ebook invoicing was adopted.
  • Shelf Ready for YBP firm and approval books implemented was May-July 2011.
  • 330,000+ ISBN’s from Cruzcat were submitted to YBP to help with duplicate detection in GOBI database.
  • FileMaker replacement database created to streamline the placing of replacement orders.
  • Procedure for monthly electronic count of both collection titles and volumes of the whole library was completed, using regular expressions and PERL to derive the count from inconsistently formatted serials holdings statements for serials volumes and from alphanumeric codes or textual descriptions in catalog records for non-print volumes. 
  • Removed duplicates and cleaned up authorities from headings reports, overlaying name authorities as part of a clean-up project of about 208,000 authority records.
  • Cleaned up erroneous or incomplete data in Cruzcat. Identified clean-up projects involving thousands of records to improve database quality. 
  • Corrected SFX errors.
  • Requested several record coding changes. 
  • Copy cataloged 182 microfilm records for Collections using batch methods.
  • Introduced batch searching, matching, uploading and downloading of records.
  • Updated and migrated old procedures into the Drupal environment. 
  • Gathered NRLF records for submission to UCOP for Hathi Trust. 
  • Submitted big record files for the West Project.   Explored Maintain Record Links function in Cruzcat.
  • Devised an expedient method to create large numbers of order records by taking advantage of OCLC Connexion Client features to enable staff to automatically populate records with variable and fixed fields at time of export, instead of previous method that demanded individual editing.
  • Selectors worked on Gobi to indicate orders to be placed.
  • Created, reviewed and modified many different load tables for CJK, ebooks and shelf ready books.
  • ERMS: explored use of local and web PERL scripts for the ERMS coverage load.  Loaded brief resource records into the ERMS training server using AutoIT.  Created the necessary resource and contact records in ERMS, soft linked order records to resources records and explored SUSHI statistics harvesting and III’s SCAT table. 
  • Completed big serials and monograph withdrawal projects.
  • Implemented Edifact ordering and GobiExport with YBP. 
  • Set up new YBP accounts and completed YBP/Blackwell transition.
  • Tested print templates on training server.
  • Fixed wrong fund codes as a result of Millennium upgrade to 2009B.

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