Technical Services Mission Statement


Technical Services keeps the collections vital and up-to-date by procuring library materials and online access and organizing them for easy and convenient use. We are responsible for the library's online catalogs and e-resource discovery systems.  Working with other library departments, we define policies and practices that assure responsive and timely access to the library's collections of print, non-print, and digital materials. We also make our collections known to students, scholars, and researchers all over the world by contributing to the WorldCat Local database.

Services (Resource Procurement, Resource Organization and Description, Resource Maintenance)

Procurement of Materials and Online Access: Acquire library materials and online access to information, including print and non-print monographs, serials and electronic resources for use by UCSC faculty, students, and staff. The Library obtains such materials either directly from the publishers, through arrangements with vendors from around the world, or through consortial arrangements with the California Digital Library. Staff works closely with subject specialists, publishers, vendors, and the California Digital Library to ensure timely and accurate delivery of the titles regardless of type, format, or language.  This function involves vendor selection and negotiation, knowledge in the use of vendor systems and tools, placing orders, claiming non-receipts, receiving correct shipments, journals and standing orders checkin, payment authorization, redirection of unfilled orders, return of duplicates, replacements processing and management of licensing documentation.

Organization of Materials: Describe and organize library resources for effective discovery and use in all subjects, languages, and formats. Following national standards and working closely with subject specialists and reference colleagues, staff modifies, creates or batch downloads bibliographic and metadata records to provide intellectual, physical and remote access to materials.  Work with shelf ready vendors to ensure correct access information and accurate physical processing of items.  Label/end process pieces.  This involves original and copy cataloging, batch record searching, matching, downloading and uploading, record loader creation and modification to handle record sets from vendors.

Provision of Online Access: Create, batch process or maintain current and easy-to-use bibliographic and link data in the library databases. Monitor the availability of online access, procuring and maintaining such access for users.  Perform registration, activation and restoration of access. Trouble-shoot access problems.  Work with vendors and publishers to fix links and to claim missing contents based on access rights.  Respond to user queries/requests using the Request Tracker ticketing system.

Maintenance of Online Databases/Tools/Holdings & Maximizing the Use of Their System Functionality (Cruzcat, WorldCat Local, SFX KnowledgeBase, OCA Configuration Files): Ensure data among all systems are current, accurate and in sync. Maintain proper links among them as efficient and convenient information discovery and delivery tools.  Batch update holdings in OCLC for both new and deleted titles weekly.  Submit Library Holdings Records (LHR) to OCLC weekly. Ensure our resource intensive activities will not jeopardize or compromise the integrity of the Cruzcat database, e.g. timely emptying of transaction files and batch deletion of order records. Perform authority control of access points and handle headings reports. Conduct quality control projects on bibliographic and holdings data and routine URL checking.  Correct bibliographic and attached record errors.  This involves the use of various free technological software tools on the internet like MARCEdit, Excel, AutoIT, PERL, various scripts and software utilities, Millennium Create List Boolean searches and global updates.  Work with other departments like Special Collections, Government Documents and Maps to improve holdings data in Cruzcat.  Maximize the use of the system functionality available from the databases or tools.

Maintenance of Electronic Resources Management System (ERMS) and Other Management Systems: Create, batch process and maintain ERMS to manage the life cycle of both local and consortial electronic and related resources.  Track package contents, licensing, invoicing, renewal and usage data.  Perform routine coverage loads and linkage of titles to packages in Cruzcat. Identify, gather and synthesize statistical and related data from various sources, e.g. cost/user, usage, impact factors to develop specialized reports in optimal ways to support Collection Development to conduct collection reviews and make collection-critical decisions.

Maintain Physical Collections: Conduct serials cancellation projects. Ensure subscriptions are kept current. Re-label items.  Process withdrawals.  Correct barcode, holdings and numbering discrepancies in monographic and serials records.

Select Resources and Maintain CJK Collection: Perform collection development work on both local and consortial CJK resources. Consult other bibliographers. Work directly with American, Chinese and Taiwanese vendors and institutions, including all correspondences and translation to establish advantageous CJK exchange programs. Provide instruction and reference services to CJK users.

Process Optimization Research and Development: Research and develop optimized procedures for new initiatives and revise existing procedures to make work easier for staff involved in Technical Services operations. Cross train staff, train the trainer, responsibility sharing and tem work on all major functions.  Maintain documentation on procedures.

Participate in Systemwide/Library Wide Committees/Initiatives and Liaise with Other Campuses/Libraries/Vendors for Best Practices: e.g. HOTS, CAMCIG, ACIG, SCP Advisory Committee, ILST, CMT, NGTS initiatives.  Keep abreast of current technical services developments and trends.  Liaise with other UC campuses/libraries/Vendors for best practices.


Update item price information in Cruzcat.  Perform electronic statistical count of holdings at both title and volume levels for the entire library collection.


Last Reviewed April 15, 2012