Selected Photographs

Norman O. Brown Papers, MS 35, Special Collections and Archives, UCSC

A Selection of Photographs

Norman O. Brown Early postcard portrait, believed to be Norman O. Brown.
Photograph taken by l'Atelier Studio, Portrush, Northern Ireland.
[Ca. 1914].
Norman O. Brown The family: Margarita Maria and Norman Charles Brown, sister Eileen and Norman (standing).
Norman O. Brown Norman O. Brown with sister Eileen in front of the Brown residence on Redland Road in Bristol, England.
Photograph taken in October 1925.
Norman O. Brown Norman O. Brown [Photograph enclosed in a 1999 letter from former Balliol College classmate at Oxford, F. Tremaine "Josh" Billings, Jr.].
[Ca. 1934].
Norman O. Brown Norman O. Brown in Washington, D.C., where he worked for the Office of Strategic Services during World War II.
Photograph taken by Naiman's Studio, March 16, 1943.
Norman O. Brown Norman O. Brown as Homeric Rhapsode.
Cowell College, UCSC.
Norman O. Brown with Ezra Pound Mask.
Photograph taken by Peter S. Brown, at UC Santa Cruz, California. From "The UCSC Review" November 1976 issue.
Norman O. Brown Beth and Norman O. Brown in the Canadian Rockies, for the occasion of their 50th wedding anniversary, with children Stephen, Sukie, Tom, and Becky.
Fall, 1988.
Norman O. Brown Norman O. Brown, emeritus professor at Kresge College, UCSC.
Photograph taken by Andrew Orlans, April 4, 1988.