Norman O. Brown Papers, 1938-2002

MS 35, Special Collections and Archives, UCSC

OAC Finding Aid "Guide to the Norman O. Brown Papers, 1938-2002"

 Norman O. Brown

Professor Brown arrives for "A Wake for Finnegans Wake," March 1979.

"Against Passive Consumerism -- to make the work of the class to be the production, or creation, rather than the consumption of meaning; i.e., writing rather than reading, or 'absorbing' the lectures."

"In writing, to promote the process rather than criticize the product."

"The decentralized classroom; the deauthorization of the teacher in order to authorize the students as authors. Students no longer writing for the teacher, but to their fellow-students, fellow-citizens."

"More thought on the relation between speaking and writing -- their heterogeneity..."

"'Make It New' (Ezra Pound). The readings and the lectures to be materials out of which students make something new. A collage; or cento ('poetry made up of lines borrowed from established authors');
new wine in old bottles (or old wine in new bottles?). Recycling."

-- Norman O. Brown,
Excerpts from "WRITE: Instructions from the teacher to the teacher"