ANC Radio Freedom

Radio Freedom

With the advent of the armed struggle, it became necessary to create alternative sources of information for both ANC cadres and the liberation support community at large. This began modestly, with printed matter and gradually came to include clandestine radio broadcasts mounted from exile. A key site from which to air programs aimed at cadres and their allies was Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, where the ANC and most other liberation movements maintained their external headquarters.

This poster advertises a fundraising event intended to support Radio Freedom. Radio Freedom was the underground radio station of the ANC. UC Berkeley's Radio Freedom website describes the station this way: "Founded in 1967, Radio Freedom would eventually broadcast into South Africa daily from neighboring [or Frontline] African states." The Radio Freedom website features "selections from broadcasts out of Lusaka Zambia, circa 1985." It further adds that "The insurrectionary character of that period is reflected in both the form and content of the broadcasts."

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