About the Archive

Kenneth Patchen Archive is one of the most actively used in the Special Collections, UC Santa Cruz. The main collection was acquired from Miriam Patchen in the mid-seventies. In addition, related collections and papers have been added throughout the years to enhance and supplement the existing material.

The Archive has been used in the highly successful Sierra Club book, "What Shall We Do Without Us?" and featured in a film created by San Francisco public television station KQED. Books, newspaper and magazine articles have been written by users of the collection, and many of the Painted Poems have been shown in exhibitions throughout the United States and Europe since the acquisition of the material. The Archive became an integral part of the four-day Kenneth Patchen Celebration in 1987 and was featured in the 1989 Kenneth Patchen Literary Festival, both in his hometown of Warren, Ohio.

Kenneth Patchen papers, MS160, is the core collection of the Kenneth Patchen Archive. It is composed of original manuscripts, extensive set of outgoing and incoming correspondence, first and subsequent editions of his books, limited painted book editions, original Painted Poems, scrapbooks, recordings, paintings and other art work. Bulk of the material dates between 1929-1972.

Additional collections are being processed and will be added as finished.