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Erik Lauritzen Photographs, 1972-

MS 23, Special Collections and Archives, UCSC
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"Great photographers have the ability to capture a moment and its mood, painting the image for their audiences with their lens. Erik Lauritzen exceeds this. His work is brilliant, and his artistic mind is special...

Lauritzen creates images that are so tightly composed that the abstract arrangement of the pieces resemble paintings."
-- Brad Horn, Reno News & Review


355 Two Handles, digital print, 2001.


The University Library's Special Collections and Archives department is exceptionally strong in photographic archives. Erik Lauritzen's photographic collection is a welcome addition to the existing holdings of such outstanding photographers as Edward Weston, Morley Baer, Ruth-Marion Baruch, Steve Crouch, Pirkle Jones, Victor Jorgensen, Seema Weatherwax, Al Weber, and Annie Wells