How Will the Cuts Impact Me?

Impact of Reductions to the Collections Budget

Impacts of the 40% permanent cut (from FY2009 to FY2014):

These cuts will have an impact on students, faculty, and staff.

  • The library has fewer dollars to spend on faculty and student requests.
    Since 2011/2012, the Library has cut its departmental allocations by a minimum of 30%. This results in fewer dollars that can be spent on purchasing materials requested by faculty and students.
  • The Library no longer automatically replaces lost, damaged, or stolen material.
  • The Library has no permanent funds to purchase new on-going serial (e.g. journal or database) subscriptions. We have strictly limited our expenditures to one-time purchases for materials and/or short-term subscriptions paid through endowment funds or faculty start-up funds.
  • The Library has reduced its foreign-language journal subscriptions and has cut back on its book purchasing budget for foreign language titles as well
  • The Library no longer intentionally duplicates format (for example, if we have it in print, we do not buy it electronically).
  • The Library no longer binds all loose print journal issues, making them more susceptible to damage or loss.