Collection Budget

1512 Collections base budget: FY 2008 to FY 2014
(in millions of dollars)

FY 2008/09 to FY 2013/14


40% cut

to base collections budget


37% cut

to overall library budget

What is the collections budget?

The collections budget is the money that the library uses to purchase:

  • individual journal subscriptions
  • UC system-wide journal package subscriptions
  • database subscriptions
  • books
  • DVDs


The 2013/14 Base Collections Budget is $2,631,328 — the lowest it is has been since fiscal year 1998/99.


Details and Frequently Asked Questions:


The University Library Collections Librarians have put together this site to inform the campus about the current state of the collections budget, describe the history of the library's collections cuts, and outline how we plan to cope with the radically reduced allocations. As new decisions are made, we will post information here. Please send comments, questions or concerns to your librarian.